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Concerning Flight

by Nathan Miracle, Designer

22nd May 2019

Star Trek has hosted a variety of special guest stars, but John Rhys-Davies dwarfs them all with his role as the holographic representation of Leonardo da Vinci. We first see Rhys-Davies in Scorpion, Part I, right after an unknown assailant (later revealed to be Species 8472) beats the living daylights out of the Borg. We see him again in Concerning Flight, in which thieves raid Voyager and the holographic polymath assists Janeway on her crusade to recover the stolen items.

John Rhys-Davies has played so many roles, if I tried to work in references to all of them I would never finish this article. So how about we focus on the card itself:

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci has a wide variety of science-based skills, and boasts an impressive Cunning of 7. He should prove himself valuable for any science-based endeavour, be it dilemma or mission. One would expect no less from the Renaissance Man himself. Still, any personnel can bring skill and attributes to the table. The thing which really sets da Vinci apart is his ability.

Holodeck Grid
Fair warning, da Vinci requires a price for his services. In order to trigger his ability, you must provide him a workshop aboard your ship, represented by playing him directly to the ship. Not coincidentally, both U.S.S. Voyager and the Olarra provide that ability. Apparently somebody on the U.S.S. Equinox also enjoys the da Vinci program. Ships without the built-in playing feature can still take advantage of da Vinci’s ability by installing a Holodeck Grid , provided of course that da Vinci and the ship could both play at your headquarters.

Stolen Computer Core
If you do provide da Vinci a workspace, he will reward you with one of two options. If you happen to be suffering from a Stolen Computer Core or some other damage marker, da Vinci will come up with an ingenious solution to fix it. Or you can browse his designs to invent some equipment from your deck. A Tricorder to double up his Geology, perhaps, or a Mobile Emitter that he accidentally took. He could even invent an Orb of Time! Okay, I’m not sure how that one works, but it does.

Just, don't call him Flint.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

36V20•Grid 296, Holographic Training Facility
13U44•Critical Care
25V22•Settle Holographic Colony
25V20•Liberate Photonic Servants
17V48•Obtain Illegal Embryos

Draw Deck (50)
41V71x •Mobile Emitter
0VP2003x Christening
25V102x Holodeck Arch
25V112x •Hunters' Training Program
8C362x Not Easily Destroyed
25V152x •Photons Be Free
0VP2212x Tacking Into the Wind
7U391x Cluttering Irrelevancies
29V292x Deleted Subroutines
7C651x •Dr. Leah Brahms, Holographic Representation
7C663x E.M.H. Program
40V321x •L.M.H. Mark I, Scintillating Personality
13U723x •Revised Chakotay, Imposturous First Officer
13U731x •Revised Doctor, Mass Murderer
13U751x •Revised Kim, Interrogator
13U791x •Revised Tuvok, Evil Instrument of Destruction
18V351x •Anastasia Komananov, Russian Seductress
29V382x Brian Evethers
7U992x Calisthenics Opponent
8C821x •Cyrus Redblock, Civil Criminal
38V381x •Hippocrates Noah, Visionary Mastermind
25V451x •Iden, Lustrous Demagogue
39V141x •James Moriarty, Awakened Nemesis
25V461x •Kejal, Radiant Mender
48V161x •Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance Man
0AP151x •Mona Luvsitt, Valet
7C1071x •Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis
21V193x Sumek
45V91x •The Devil, Fearsome Illusion
25V471x •The Doctor, Brilliant Template
25V481x •Weiss, Glaring Tactician
25V543x •Olarra, Chariot of Light
Dilemma Pile (30)
0VP192x Agonizing Encounter
29V22x Artificial Ability
0VP1262x Back Room Dealings
0VP1762x Chula: The Chandra
0VP1972x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
34V53x Intelligent Design
14C102x Old Differences
3U282x Skeleton Crew
29V132x The Needs of the Many
0VP1643x The Weak Will Perish
0VP631x Timescape
1R582x Unscientific Method
30V12x Chained Environment
24V71x Programmed Compulsion
30V102x The Nth Degree

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