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Identity Crisis!

by Seth Claybrook, Lead First Edition Graphic Design Volunteer

8th November 2008

Time to hop in the Way Back Machine! Way back to December 8, 1995 when the Alternate Universe expansion introduced the first multiple-affiliation cards. This tradition continued up through All Good Things. Having two affiliations available on a single card opened a doorway of options.

Major Rakal Green

Along with my competitive decks I have honed over the years, I like to try things just for fun. For example, a deck that uses every version and incarnation of the Enterprise that the rules allow. Or a deck with no ships at all. Most of the time these decks lose miserably, but they are lots of fun to try anyway. One of the things I have enjoyed doing is building an all (insert color here) deck. An all Romulan (Green) deck, or an all Non-Aligned (Yellow) deck and so on. Unfortunately, there are sometimes cards that I would like to include as they are multi affiliated, only they have the wrong color template for my all (insert color here) deck.

Editor's Note: We do not endorse Seth's segregation message of color preference and xenophobia. However, we recognize his right to free speech. We encourage all members of the community to play nice with affiliations of all colors and freely mix them in decks.

When Voyager came along in May of 2001, we started to see both versions of dual-affiliation cards printed side by side. This created options like building that all Dominion Brown deck while including a new Hirogen Hologram.

I always felt it a pity, a crisis you might say, that the other "identities" of the cards that were released in earlier sets did not receive the same treatment. I thought that both the Tenth Anniversary of the Star Trek CCG or the 40th Anniversary of the Star Trek Franchise would have been great opportunities to release an alternate border set. Those dates have long since come and gone, leaving our multifaceted friends, flying machines, and facilities stuck in the abyss of unrealized projects.

With the arrival of a new First Edition Director, and the resurgence of First Edition itself, this small oversight is about to be corrected. Just in time for the 15th Anniversary of Star Trek the CCG, the Continuing Committee is pleased to present you with a new virtual expansion. A boutique product entitled "Identity Crisis" containing almost all of the multiple-affiliation cards that did not previously receive alternate border treatment. Identity Crisis even comes complete with a new expansion icon and card numbers (as many of the cards previously lacked a number).

Here on The Continuing Committee's site, we will showcase a couple of cards each week up until 2009 (the 15th Anniversary), when the entire .pdf will be made available for you to download. So, keep checking back to see which cards show their new colors!

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