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Will of the Collective VII Starts Today!

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

1st June 2019

Welcome to Will of the Collective VII: Bottom's Up! This time around we're designing a non-unique character from the bottom up, starting with faction and ending with the story.

In this first step, I'm asking for nominations for the faction that we'll be designing a non-unique personnel for. Think about what group, be it Dominion Vorta or Federation Genetically Enhanced, that could use a non-unique personnel to fill out their skill matrix, and add a bit of flavor through their (simple) ability.

Each nominated faction will be voted on in the next step, though if a faction gets nominated twice, depending on the number of nominations I get, I may give the multiple-nomination factions some sort of benefit. For example, last time, personnel who were nominated multiple times got a bye into the second round of voting.

You have two days to nominate factions (like Non-Aligned Borg or Cardassian Dissidents), and each of you gets two nominations. Make your nominations by posting in today's thread.

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