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The Power of Purple - Part I

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

12th November 2008

Overseer Odo has got to be one of my top ten favorite personnel in the game. Why?

How about my top ten reasons.

  1. He is from the mirror universe. Before they were made into a joke by that Ferengi episode, those guys were pretty bad-ass. If you look closely, the Alliance even had cloaking devices in the first Deep Space 9 Mirror Episode. Don't belive me? See 2:38 of this video.
  2. He has both SECURITY and OFFICER (with Strength greater than five).
  3. He is purple (in Identity Crisis) and pink (in Mirror, Mirror) and could still beat the snot out of an angry Klingon.
  4. Odo leads the way with both a Command Star and Leadership
  5. He is a changeling with Strength 10.
  6. He can be downloaded by Defend Homeworld.
  7. He has Geology. Why is that cool? See #3
  8. Need to use him in the Alpha Quadrant? Temporal Micro Wormhole or Crossover will do the trick. Or, for extra cool points, download Overseer Odo with I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer.
  9. He is a top-tier Alliance card, a rare thing indeed.
  10. He special downloads Process Ore and provides the SECURITY needed to use it.

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