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The Power of Purple - Part II

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

12th November 2008

Long before the Delta Quadrant outposts appeared, even earlier than the Dominion outposts, outposts evolved from 'boring, must stock' to 'deck design tech' with the introduction of the Klaestron.

An outpost with two affiliations? What? It lets you seed a treaty? Seed a treaty!?!? Thats totally broken! The Federation can seed two outposts now? No fair!

Why do I like the Klaestron Ouptost? Because Ocett, Dogged Rival is backwards compatible. See if you can put the clues together.

Thanks to Identity Crisis, you too can have some powerful purple in your deck. Tune in next week as we look at more things that are green-ish, and mean-ish and have bad breath.

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