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The Cage Now Legal and Block Core Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

28th June 2019

The Cage is legal in all formats today! And as part of that, we're releasing an update to the contents of the Core Block List. This list of cards is a supplemental set of cards that are allowed in all block tournaments, adding to the previous and current block of expansions. Aside from this core list, the following expansions are block legal:

The changes to the Core Block List include approximately seventy-five (75) being removed and approximately the same number being added. Cards being removed included non-Alpha Quadrant missions, personnel, ships, and verbs for affiliations that don't appear in the block, and all sites. In terms of cards being added, the bulk of them are [OS] personnel of the Federation and Non-Aligned affiliations, but you'll also see some thematic cards added. The largest non- [OS] addition is the return of Battle Bridge Door and all Tactic cards!



Have fun playing with The Cage, and enjoying the new cards in the Core Block List!

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