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Referee Icon Reprints

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

19th November 2008

This week, The Continuing Committee is releasing fully tournament legal reprints of Q's Tent and all of the First Edition Referee-icon cards.

TemporalVortex QTheRef

These cards were deemed necessary to play competitively. The virtual reprints will support newer players, aid the upcoming Project Transwarp for First Edition, tie into the Revised format, and bring broader access to some very hard-to-get cards (Shape Shift Inhibitor, Strategema, Wake of the Borg, Temporal Vortex, and Mirror Image).

Because many of the original cards did not have card numbers, or even expansion icons, the reprints are being released as their own virtual set, complete with a unique expansion icon and card numbers.

Some of the cards (the older ones targeted by Q the Referee) also feature a minor erratum that adds the Referee Icon. This was done to make the cards easier for newer players to recognize and use as well as for the sake of simplicity and consistency. The upcoming Current Rulings Document will reflect this.

Thanks again to Seth Claybrook for his efforts to make this set possible.

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