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Revenge Ferengi-Style

by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

24th September 2019

Vengeance is a powerful motivator and seeking it can destroy both the seeker and the object of vengeance. In the first season of Star Trek, The Next Generation, the Ferengi were intended to be a new nemesis for the Federation – an aggressive, territorial, acquisitive race. Today’s card for Sacrifice of Angels is one such vengeful Ferengi: DaiMon Bok of the Kurdon.



This Ferengi allows his owner to play the Thought Maker and the USS Stargazer as if they had completed a mission requiring Acquisition. And, if this weren’t enough, he also lets his owner download one of those two cards or Jean-Luc Picard. Now, the Ferengi player can begin to explore the potential of Ferengi interference, TNG-era style.

Will you use the Stargazer to neutralize an opponent’s James T, Kirk or Donatra at the beginning of an attempt? Or, will you dump cards beneath your Ferenginar and use Jean-Luc Picard to make an easy-mission-speed-solver work for their points? Interaction doesn’t have to mean battle or combat, and Sacrifice of Angels offers interaction of various kinds to make your games more exciting and unpredictable.

How will you use Bok to exact revenge for past defeats on your opponents?

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