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Emergency Errata: Change of Venue 49 V 12

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

24th October 2019

Effective immediately, we are issuing the following emergency errata for Change of Venue, 49 V 12.  Please use the following text for it:


When you play this event, if you have a lower score than each of your opponents, it is cost -4. Choose an opponent's dilemma or event on one of your non-headquarters missions. Place that card on one of your opponent's non-headquarters missions. Destroy this event.


A problem was discovered over the weekend necessitating this change.  The card was always meant to be defensive.  If you get a Biogenic Weapon on a mission you want to solve quickly, you have a means of moving it, for example.  It was never meant to be used on offensively against your opponent.


One playgroup played Expand the Collective and then used Change of Venue to move that event to an opponent’s mission.  Because you are placing Expand the Collective and not playing it, you aren’t limited by the quadrant or point requirements.  From there, you can attempt and solve your opponent’s mission and make it possible for them not to win the game.  This was nicknamed Mission Stealing in 2E!  It’s a horrible interaction and very much a negative play experience.


It got worse looking at Ignored Jurisdiction.  That card will entirely shut down Voyager, Khan and Relativity from the very first turn of the game, making it impossible for them to even play.  That’s one of the main series right there and isn’t a good thing to have.


This came in just as the window was closed to join Devinoni Ral in the November errata, but we will make these changes for December.

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