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World Pasta Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

25th October 2019

Here are some Second Edition related activites you can do this weekend.


Read.  There are some posts on the forums that you may want to look at.  The latest set, Sacrifice of Angels, is still a hot topic!  There is a discussion about how Change of Venue interacts with Self Replicating Roadblock and other cards, though one fo those cards has changed with the recently released emergency errata.  Danny has a thread about the card Mantle of the Empire


If you have some popcorn handy, bhosp has a fun story that came up in a recent game involving The Sisters of Duras leading the Reman troops into battle.  Make a big batch of popcorn so that you can watch episodes of NastyNateTV.


There is a thread about personnel whose abilities and gametext is activated by themselves.  Gelnon, Accurate Estimator was the specific cards looked at, but the answer is that they can’t make use of their own gametext upon being played.


jadziadax8 started a thread about some new achievements that came with the latest set.  These are not contingent on playing cards from the latest set, through.  How hungry are you to get them?


Travel.  With league season in full swing, there are tournaments in Roseville, Minnesota; Winter Park, Florida and Acton, Massachusetts this weekend.  The weather is lovely this time of year.


Look at decks.  Take a look at decks played this past weekend.  Ben Hosp played LOL nothing matters, a Dominion deck with a good mix of their three dominant species while getting some fun in there with infiltrating.  Nathan Miracle played a New Romulan All You Do Is Bring Me Down deck taking advantage of Full Throttle’s speed, Life Changing Encounter’s attribute drain and Letant’s stealing of events and knowledge.  How did it go?  FInd out in his Tournament Report!


Will Hoskin played a Terok Nor deck called Discarding Dilemmas mark 1Dark Dissention is a great card for this deck, but the real draw here is a 143 dilemma pile!  We’ve all added a few dilemmas since milling became a strategy, but this is a little further down that line.  His New Bajor deck Bajoran Switching Around is a much slimmer deck with only two equipment cards and they are two copies of the same cards at that.  There are a lot of good tricks old and new are in this deck.


Laney Farmer played Moving Borg.  Some of the tricks this deck can do no longer work thanks to the errata, but there is more up this decks sleeve.  Plenty of support cards along with almost no duplication make this a potent deck to play with multiple times.  Will Raiman continued his triple HQ streak with One Mission and No Dilemmas.  This deck broke out the I.K.S. Chontay for the first time to enhance the battle prowess.  This is a solid deck as long as your opponent gets and stays about.

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