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by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

18th November 2008

The Starfleet affiliation has always been limited by its ship selection. Prior to the arrival of their mirror universe counterparts, Starfleet was limited to just three non-shuttlecraft ships: Enterprise, Columbia, and the Sarajevo. All of the Starfleet ships are unique (much like the Voyager sub-affiliation), which can sometimes make it difficult to put enough ships in a deck.

So why not bust out some prototype ships to fill in your ranks?

[SF] 2 NX-Prototype
[Pa] NX Class
Staffing: [Cmd]
This ship is Range –1 for each Human aboard. When this ship moves to a non-headquarters mission, you may download a Damage card and place it on this ship. When a Damage card is placed on this ship, you may download a [SF] card.

The first line of game text continues the new Starfleet theme of multiculturalism - bonuses for racial diversity - started in The Undiscovered Country. (You'll see this on Starfleet's event, too.) The rest of the cards represent the benefits of the risks of research - as you fail, you learn, and can generate new and better technologies for the future.

Like this ship? Let us know on the Boldly Going forum! And just wait until you see her corresponding Commander!

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