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Congrats to Our Contest Winners!

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

4th November 2019


Two weeks ago we announced borderless promos and gave you all a chance to win one of your very own. Our contest ended on Halloween night, and today I'm happy to announce the winners:

First Edition

Second Edition

Mercenary Ship

We had seventy-eight (78) unique people enter to win a First Edition promo, with a total of six hundred and twenty-four (624) entries. That means that, on average, each person entered eight (8) times. On the Second Edition side, we had eighty (80) unique people enter a combined five hundred and seventy-nine (579) times, averaging out to seven and a quarter (7.25) entries each. That's great, and we're happy so many of you wanted to get your hands on these cards.

The winners should already have an email from yours truly asking for shipping information so we can get your prizes out to you. And if you didn't win, don't fret - we'll be giving out more promos as we move forward. Thank you for participating!

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