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National Baklava Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

16th November 2019

Administrative note: There will be no Second Edition update next week.  I’ll make up the difference the week thereafter.


Read.  There are some forum threads that might interest you.  First, Danny has started a thread about Devinoni Ral, Hired Gun.  He is useful for Nothing to Lose, but how else can you put him and his skills (and ability!) to use? 


Edgeofhearing has a thread about Tech Dilemmas, or how certain dilemmas are good against specific decks.  Think a little deeper than Moral Choice and the like.  What dilemmas are just deadly against the right deck?  Okcoyote has continued his P1P1 series.  He’s set up a ‘draft’ and posted the cards from a pack.  Let us know what you would grab immediately and why.  Would you go for a good ship?  Grab a good dilemma?  Or see if you can out affiliation everyone else?


A team is working on updating the Virtual Starters.  They are doing an excellent job but need your help.  What ratio of dilemma types would be good for these?  Jadziadax8 started a thread and poll on that exact subject.  This will affect all the starters.  Let us know how these introductory products should be shaped.  Speaking of new players, Fritzinger started a thread about having as many players this year as we did last year.


With British Nationals next weekend, who is your pick to win?  Let us know in the thread an poll ninkyank put up.  Speaking of British Nationals ….


Travel.  British Nationals this weekend are in Cambridge while Canadian Nationals are in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  There are also events in Atlanta Georgia; Cape Town, South Africa; Winter Park, Florida; Acton, Massachusetts.and Mount Prospect, Illinois.


Look at decks.  There are some decks played this past weekend you might want to take a look at.  Will Raiman played Assassin Delivery Service MKIV.  The draw deck is a little slimmer wile Royal Casino: Craps has been added in.  Michael Shea played A Surprise, Perhaps.  This Dominion deck used their first headquarters but enough personnel with the Terok Nor icon to warrant the inclusion of Dark Dissention, though that increases massively with Reclaim Terok Nor.


Amber Van Breeman played a Klingon Keeping It Sorta Simple. It’s a nice Past Klingon deck with a few tricks thrown in there for fun.  Kenneth Tufts won with a Klingon Glory to the Empire.  These two decks show how the new cards from Sacrifice of Angels blend together pretty well with Shattered Mirror. Lucas Thompson played a Non-Aligned Brisco County Jr deck featuring so many orbs you would swear it’s a New Bajoran Deck, along with Gatherers and Crimes.


Rick Kinney won a Masters Side event with 2E 3HQ ID Draft deck which seems like it could go to constructed places with not too many modifications.  In the constructed side event, he played The Original Series Lost in Space while Michael Van Breeman played TN Dissident.  Daniel Matteson won with INSURGENTS, a deck that is mainly Cardassian with just enough Terok Nor to make the dual headquarters inclusion worthwhile.


In the main event, Avery Matteson played The Man Asked for Cadets making use of some good, classic tricks while Rick Kinney played a Pulling Rank Nothing is truly random. Eric Robinette played his Assimilate That! while Robert McGinty went with a Common DS9 for Robert.  Maggie Geppert played her Helping Everyone Helps Me Mk. IV for the fourth time.  How did it fare?  Find out in her Tournament Report.  Michael Van Breeman had fun with his Terok Nor Dilemmas.


In Australian Nationals, Peter Waller played a The Original Series Collecting Sunstones putting an artifact into the faction.  Peter Hill has an aptly named Peter Hill To Rule In Hell Australian Continentals 2019 while Steve Hartman played a New Dominion Lost in space.  Greg Dillon played a Klingon Tug of War 2.0

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