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Some Very Special Promo Cards

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

18th November 2019

During Worlds 2019, Josef Lemberger (Old Kor, photographer extraordinaire) very generously offered to help subsidize travel via his Traveler's Pool in memory of his late wife Petra.  In return for his generosity, European Director of Organized Play Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) commissioned the Continuing Committee to design a special promo card in Josef's honor.  In fact, the CC has produced two, one for First Edition and one for Second Edition.  An idea was pitched for a utility card that could be useful in any deck.  Each card would have two images - one suitable for happy life events and one for the sadder ones. 

Shining So BrightShining So Bright

Celebratory ToastCelebratory Toast

Shining So Bright, the Second Edition card, was completed before Worlds and Julius was able to print an oversized version that everyone attending Worlds signed. Several lucky participants in Worlds 2019 also won foil copies of their own.  Celebratory Toast took a little longer to make it through playtesting, and was just completed within the last month. Both cards are now printable and tournament legal one week from today (November 25th).  Ambassadors will be receiving foil copies of both versions of these cards in the near future.  If they hear of one of their local players experiencing happy or sad life events, they should give that player copies of the appropriate card.

In conclusion, I hope everyone will join me in thanking Josef yet again for his generosity.

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