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Tacking Into the Wind

by Stephen Lee, Staff Writer

22nd December 2008

v. to change the course of a ship to the opposite heading.

"Tacking Into the Wind" is also the title of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode where Kira and Garak (as Federation envoys) venture into Dominion space with Legate Damar's resistance cell to steal a Jem'Hadar ship for its technological enhancements. This is reflected by the dual Federation and Cardassian modes and introduces new tricks for both affiliations.

Stolen Attack Ship has the same staffing requirement, ship attributes and Invasive Transporters as a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship. Invasive Transporters allow your personnel to beam through the shields of an opponent's ship or facility to "interact" with his or her crew. This means battling, capturing, commandeering, hanging out with Crell Moset, infiltrating, stealing body parts or just throwing people out the Airlock.

Stolen Attack Ship does lose the anti-tractor lock technology but gains a Breen Energy Dampener. The Federation or Cardassian player can now use the Breen Energy-Dampening Weapon tactic to disable an enemy ship's special equipment, making Radioactive Garbage Scows and Emergent Life-Forms much more troublesome.


stephen lee
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