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International Civil Aviation Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

6th December 2019

Adminsitration Note: This will be my last weekly update.  You'll have to find some other way to celebrate National Bouillabaisse Day.


Here are some Second Edition activites for you to partake in this weekend.


Read.  There are some posts on the forum that might interest you.  There’s discussion about how Inversion Mystery interacts with Iota Geminorum IV.  The former allows you to overcome a dilemma of your choice upon solving while the latter flat out states that Infestation can not be prevented.  There’s also a thread about negative points in the game.


There’s also some discussion about the Romulan lockout.  Does the Rifle need to receive errata?  Is the Emergency Transporter Unit enough?  Does this deck need to be reigned in?  Post your thoughts.  A thread has also been started about counter denial.  It is a strategy, but how reliable is it?  How few counters are you willing to spend a turn?  Chime in!


There’s also a topic started on based on a teaser from the front page.  Who knows when something special might pop in?  Probably after the weekend, though.


Travel.  There are tournaments in Fremont, California; Roswell, Georgia and two in Camberwell, Greater London.  Note that the one in Georgia is a Bend the Rules tournament letting you donate canned goods you would like to eat to a good cause in exchange for special powers.


Or you can stay in the comfort of your residence and play online in the Dojo.


Look at Decks.  Nerdopolis Prime played Romulan boosterdraft with 23 achievements.  This deck has over two hundred cards in the dilemma pile alone!  The draw deck boats just over a hundred.  As for missions, there’s only five.  There’s enough in the dilemma pile to cause confusion and skill trackers might have some difficulty with the sheer volume of personnel.  This deck might be better suited to online, but if it strikes your fancy, have at it.  You’ll want to check out the Tournament Report, though.  Julis Melhardt combined Cardassia with Terra Prime letting the dissidents have fun in Cardassian &  Terra Prime have a lot in common...  The two don’t seem to stack that well at first, a lot of Terra Prime is specific to Starfleet, but there is a pretty good overlap with the abilities and the skills are complementary.


Robert Peterson played a Dissident Borg Everyone is Looking for Someone.  This deck has some good Borg fun without the Queen, but it does have her cube.  Jeremy Benedict reminds us that In my book, Newton says the laws of the universe are fixed! with his Relativity Deck.  Steve Nelson trimed down his Dilemma pile for Knowing your Opponent IV.  This Romulan deck has Sensing a Trap in its back pocket to go around the corner.  Kris Sorensby won the day with his Original Series No One to Play Soldier Now... No One to Pretend.  There’s a lot of drawing power on his missions and the cunning route isn’t always what we think of for TOS, but this deck went on to win the event.  This isn’t an introductory deck by any means, but if someone came to me at an event with a few games under their belt and wants to try the faction, this deck would be a good place to start.

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