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Romulans Gone Rogue

by Adam Warpinski, Staff Writer

24th November 2008

This article covers two Romulan cards, cards that have "gone rogue" and can be assets for other affiliations.

The first is Koval.

One favorite strategy for utilizing Koval is to pair him with some other turncoats. The Federation can go on the offensive with one of their most powerful ships, the U.S.S. Prometheus.

Koval + Major Rakal + Data and Picard + U.S.S. Prometheus = A federation player with an offensive juggernaut that no one expected. A starship spoiling your Patrol Neutral Zone deck? Flip the switch and a go on the offensive.

The second card is the Battle Cruiser

Have you ever found your away team stranded at a mission with no ship available to help, and you cannot wait seven turns to rescue them? Well, now you have a ship that you can crew all in one turn.

Space Door + Battle Cruiser + a universal Klingon Original Series personnel = Rescue

There are several ships that provide this ability. The majority are in the “The Trouble with Tribbles,” “Mirror, Mirror,” and “The Motion Pictures” sets.

Another subtle ability for which this card is useful is as a mobile Alternate Universe-reporting platform.

Crew Reassignment + Battle Cruiser = mobile Alternate Universe-reporting platform

There are many ways to use these cards; what are some of your strategies?

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