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Borgasmic: A beginner deck for the Borg

by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative Manager & Q Who? Designer

20th January 2020

Continuing Mission

Being excited for the new set, we arranged a UK tournament in Hull for immediately after the release of Q Who? Many thanks to Gary for organising and thanks to Gary, Alex and Tony for taking time out of their busy lives for deckbuilding and playing!

Clearly I wanted to try out the new set in an actual tournament having been so heavily involved throughout its development. I'd played variants of the deck before during playtest matches, but never in this final form.

The deck is based around the Continuing Mission mechanics - you get one free play from your Warp Core card (The Ultimate User) and one free play from They Will Be Coming (which also downloads a cube to the Alpha Quadrant) instead of the more usual TNG set up of using Attention All Hands. That should provide you with 2 free plays per turn, and 1 free draw. Another free draw can be earned by beginning scouting attempts (see The Ultimate User), which should mean you can play 3 cards and draw 3 cards each turn.

Because you only have 1 ship in play, it does mean you need to be extra careful not to get blown up! To help with this you have your download of Regenerate, and a seeded Federation Flagship: Recovered, and a Quark's Isolinear Rods so downloading a replacement ship doesn't get hit by a Computer Crash!

Your seeded Relentless will help you speed up scouting by Adapting through dilemmas faster, and also ignore the pesky normal Borg rules around scouting being complete at the end of the turn - you can plough straight ahead and complete the objective once no dilemmas remain! Other seed cards include a Q's Tent (for downloads and other cards you may wish to access), a Transwarp Network Gateway (with more stocked in the deck to help with moving around the spaceline later) a Temporal Conduit (to allow Q of Borg to enter play), and extra cards like Mission Debriefing, A Real Game and Kobayashi Maru Scenario to further slow down your opponent. The last non-dilemma seed card is Strategic Base.

Consume: Outpost

As at time of writing, The Wake of the Borg has not yet been errata'd, but that should hopefully be coming in February. Now, while my local opponent's don't always use Referee cards, many players do, so Consume: Outpost may not be fully usable for a couple of weeks. To make more use of Consume: Outpost in this deck (particularly on turn one, when I won't have enough drones in play to begin moving my Cube anyway) I trigger Consume: Outpost on turn one, download (build) an outpost, and earn 3 extra draws thanks to Strategic Base (and yes, I have checked this trick with Rules Master Jon). You can then abandon that objective on turn two and download a replacement objective instead!

(Note: because of the volume of text needed on Consume: Outpost just for the logistics of downloading an outpost, only to consume it shortly thereafter, we plan to spur off this mechanic in future for more fun rewards, but for now we are leaving this as just the "basic beginers version". You'll have to wait to see this developed more in future!)

Another essential part of building the deck was mission selection. TNG Borg can gain skills from missions where they complete an objective, which helps compensate for their incomplete skill matrix. In testing we had found that Friendly Fire (with it's 2 SECURITY and 2 Leadership requirement) was tricky for the Borg to bypass without waiting out that 2 turn countdown. Both Investigate Coup and Find Hidden Base are included so that upon completing Consume: Resources, I should have Communication Subcommand drones with sufficient skills that if they encounter the classic Personal Duty / Friendly Fire combo, they should be able to get through unhindered. Other missions included Investigate Destruction, with 6 potential skills for drones to add! What missions will add the best mix of skills for your TNG Borg?

Without the restriction of needing to probe, I also included some Q's Tent's in my draw deck so I could access a few optional extras (in my case a spare Q of Borg, We Are The Borg, and Quinn). These would only cost me one card draw as draws from Continuing Mission / scouting can occur before playing a doorway!

Adapt: Negate Obstruction

In addition to a draw deck full of drones, there are plenty of copies of Adapt: Negate Obstruction (to get through dilemmas) and Transwarp Network Gateways - remember to play one at the start of a mission attempt should you need to go on a trip down to the far end of the spaceline if you hit an opponent's Cytherians!

So, on the day...

Round 1 I was paired against Gary, playing a TNG Non-Aligned deck. As per my plan I completed Consume: Resources at Find Hidden Base first, gaining 3 SECURITY and 2 Leadership on each communications subcommand drone. However, when attemptiing my first space I failed Ankaari Spirits, and Gary managed to kill all my Exobiology (Five of Fourteen), and my One of Fourteen's (who could download Distribution Node). This left me kind of screwed - so next turn I evacuated to a planet. Fortunately I got an Exobiology next turn! Curing the dilemma, I carried on, and walked through Personal Duty / Friendly Fire to complete a second objective! Unfortunately we ran out of time so the score ended up 85-65 to Gary, although I was only 1 turn away from completing a third objective.

Round 2 I was paired against Tony. He had also tried to build a deck using Q Who? cards, but mixed with classic Borg. Unfortunately he hadn't spotted that the new Consume objectives required having Continuing Mission in play, so his deck wasn't quite working as intended. Due to Spaceline setup, this time I attempted to Consume: Resources at Investigate Coup first, and once completed, each communications subcommand drone became a skills horse with OFFICER, SECURITY, Leadership x2 and Navigation. This came in very useful as it meant I had sufficient SECURITY to nullify Tony's Unexpected Beam-in. He also hit me with an Orion Syndicate Bomb - but I continued the next turn (despite being in a damaged state) as I knew that suspending play to Regenerate would stop the scouting attempt! It's also worth noting that Borg opponents should always try to finish dilemma combos with a wall - once no dilemmas remain, Relentless allows you to complete scouting immediately! We found that our game came to a very sudden conclusion as a result - despite being hit by a Cytherians, as I still had a staffed cube present (I'd moved that same turn and had no RANGE remaining).

Round 3 was against Alex, using his faithful KCA / T'Ong drop deck. Again I cracked on with Consume: Resources at Investigate Coup on turn 2 so I could start Adapting ASAP. Alex had suffered from bad draws - with a hand full of IKC T'Ong's and Space Time Portals! Eventually he got through Conduct Crossover Operation (Cytherians is less of a problem when you have a hand full of Space Time Portals!) Having completed Consume: Resources, I went on to Consume: Technology and was hit by Virus - next turn I used Distrbution Node to give everyone Computer Skill to cure it. Silent Enemy posed no problem for the Borg, but Whale Probe delayed me by a turn. Alex was experiencing difficulties in the Mirror quadrant. He lost a Geology personnel to Kobayashi Maru, then was stopped by Defrosted Menace - at which point I began assimilating his personnel. Next turn he lost another Geology personnel to Kobayashi Maru, and I'd now assimilated two personnel - who both happened to be Geology personnel. After 9 people got killed by Denevan Neural Parasites, he hit Rock People and found himself surprisingly short of Geology. I jumped to the end of the spaceline and began Consume: Outpost (none of my 3 opponents had been using Referee cards) at Covert Installation. I sent down 3 drones, including 2 communications subcommand drones, boosted by Lower Decks to have INTEGRITY 9 each - and hopefully be safe from "God". It was a good choice as one of those drones had Anthropology and I hit Jol Yichu! I'd also released a Dikironium Cloud Creature, but hopefully would solve this turn. The third dilemma was Rock People which stopped by drones, but thanks to Relentless I sent down a second team straight away to Adapt and clear through it for the win!

So despite my inital loss to Gary, I managed to win the tournament! A fairly successful debut of TNG Borg! I hope you've enjoyed this little exploration of what you can do with a simple TNG Borg deck! Hopefully this will tempt you to try them for yourselves!

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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
R1x Compromised Mission
C1x Covert Installation
23 V1x Find Hidden Base
U1x Investigate Coup
41 V1x Investigate Destruction
P1x Study Cometary Cloud

Seed Deck (30)
2 V1x Authorized Access Only
U2x Borg Servo
R1x Cytherians
5 V1x Dead End
4 V2x Defrosted Menace
60 VP1x Denevan Neural Parasites
4 V1x Dikironium Cloud Creature
11 P1x Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
7 V1x Friendly Fire
C1x Hazardous Duty
9 V1x Maglock
174 VP1x Medical Crisis
7 V1x Misinterpreted History
19 VP1x Personal Duty
9 V1x Rock People
14 V1x Rules of Obedience
1 V1x Q's Tent
15 V1x Temporal Conduit
1 V1x Transwarp Network Gateway
7 V1x A Real Game
51 U1x Mission Debriefing
79 VP1x Continuing Mission
14 V1x Federation Flagship: Recovered
78 VP1x Kobayashi Maru Scenario
R1x Quark's Isolinear Rods
4 V1x Relentless
31 V1x Strategic Base
17 V1x They Will Be Coming

Draw Deck (38)
1 V3x Q's Tent
1 V4x Transwarp Network Gateway
6 V5x Adapt: Negate Obstruction
8 V1x Consume: Outpost
9 V1x Consume: Resources
10 V1x Consume: Technology
11 V4x Eight of Twenty
12 V2x Eighteen of Twenty
13 V3x Eleven of Fourteen
92 P2x Five of Fourteen
P1x Locutus of Borg
14 V3x Nineteen of Twenty
15 V2x One of Fourteen
17 V2x Six of Fourteen
45 C2x Six of Thirteen
46 R+1x Third of Five
25 V1x Twelve of Thirteen

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
2 V1x Distribution Node
193 VP1x Lower Decks
C1x Q-Net
3 V1x Redirected Effort
8 V1x Regenerate
13 V1x Stone Knives and Bearskins
48 VP1x We Are the Borg
74 R1x Quinn
8 V1x Consume: Outpost
9 V1x Consume: Resources
10 V1x Consume: Technology
16 V1x Q of Borg
R1x Locutus' Borg Cube

"Outside the Game" and/or Seed-Phase Downloads (4)
41 V2x Romulan Outpost
5 V1x The Ultimate User
18 V1x J-25 Cube

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