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Kira, Kira, Kira

by David Runyon, Staff Writer

1st December 2008

With so many versions of Kira available (this and one other from First Edition, not including The Intendant; and ten backwards-compatible versions in Second Edition, including one virtual card), how is this one different from the herd? Tied for the most affiliations on a single personnel card (Tallera, from the Fajo Collection, also goes three ways), Kira can work with the Bajoran, Cardassian, or Federation affiliations—and now she can match while doing it!

While her skills (Officer, Security, Leadership, Navigation, 2 Honor, Resistance) and attributes (7-7-8, rising to 7-7-11 vs. the Dominion) are fairly standard for First Edition versions of Kira, it’s really the plays-well-with-others affiliation options that make this card special. Resistance and Honor in a Cardassian deck? Check. A Maglock-proof Officer with Security and high Strength in a Bajoran deck? Check. A buff Security personnel that supports Honor and Leadership missions in a Federation deck? Check. Roll them all into one, and what more can you ask for?

A wild pairing here (and no, I don’t mean pulling out The Intendant, although I’m sure she’d go for it) are the two tricolor ladies, Kira and Tallera. Although Tallera won’t work with Kira in Federation mode, they do have the option of using the seedable Romulan-Cardassian treaty to work together. With just two personnel, you now have a five-color away team that is just one Officer shy of busting Surprise Assault, beats Security Precautions (with a Vulcan Mindmeld to add Kira’s Security to Tallera), blows away No Loose Ends, laughs at Matriarchal Society, and zips around Friendly Fire.

You know, with Tallera using Vulcan Mindmeld to gain Kira’s 2 Honor, they can solve Wormhole Negotiations without any help...

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