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First Edition Rules Updated, Part I

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

4th December 2008

Let me start by telling you a story from back when the reality of the collectible card gaming market was soft and Decipherians roamed the earth.

Strange New Worlds was releasing, and B-4 (Dangerous Simpleton) was almost single-handedly causing a rules crisis in First Edition. He was an Android, but not explicitly a Soong-Type Android. He was a Non-Aligned Infiltrator. How does that work in First Edition? He has no infiltration icon? Huh? He has Intelligence and is Non-Aligned. What is Non-Aligned Intelligence in First Edition, or better yet, how does Intelligence in general work there?

Decipher, meanwhile, was Brad-less, "Brad free," without DeFruiter, devoid of Sirna Kolrami. It was the Brad Eclipse (as he would later return). Evan and Kathy were also gone, and Decipher had nobody working on Second Edition that had a mastery of First Edition rules.

I contacted Decipher and volunteered to write a new conversion rules document, mostly because B-4 was driving me crazy and I didn't want to pull my hair out while trying to continue to run First Edition tournaments. I wrote an updated Conversion Rules Document, sent it in, and Decipher released it officially. If you have problems with the last version of the conversion rules document, you can blame me, as Decipher pretty much took my word for it and used exactly what I sent in.

That was five years ago.

I'm very pleased to announce that we now have a brand new, updated Conversion Rules Document and an updated Current Rulings Document for the first time in more than half a decade! [Start Homer Simpson Voice] Wahoo! [End Homer]

The First Edition Rules Committee has been hard at work hammering out the update for the last few months. They have been exceptionally thorough and dedicated to getting it right. I'm very grateful for their hard work and diligence.

The First Edition Rules Committee currently consists of former winners of major First Edition events, longtime active community members, and experienced, active tournament directors who came highly recommended by several sources.

The Rules Committee is largely independent; I make some requests and break tie votes, but they act largely on their own. That means for the first time in five years, I'm off the hook if somebody doesn't like a ruling. I'm kidding of course; the Rules Committee has my full support. I stand behind them all the way.

Decipher always kept the membership of the Rules Committee a secret. I don't know if that was to prevent rules stalkers, to minimize politics, to cover for people who were disliked by some, or something else. For now, the First Edition Rules Committee membership is also a secret. I'm interested in hearing from you, the community at large. Should the members of the Rules Committee be a secret to protect their independence or would it be better if the membership was known? What do you think? Sound off on the First Edition board or send me a private message.

Below, you will find a bit of the background information about various updated rulings written by the committee members that developed those rules. Their hard work and anonymous toil made this crucial update possible.

I don't plan to make this kind of explanation document a habit. The rules should speak for themselves. However, since it has been five years since the last update it made sense to offer some additional communication.

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have updated versions of the Conversion Rules and Current Rulings Document. This is a critical sign that the house of First Edition is finally in order, and that this grand old game is moving forward once again. This update is meant to serve as a maintenance update, and to clear-up any long-standing ambiguity. The Rules Committee is already working on the next update to begin to address overpowered and abusive strategies.

I'm looking to expand the committee in the near future. I'm looking for active First Edition tournament directors that run at least six first edition tournaments each year, and who have been running tournaments for some time (and have experienced a wide variety of rules questions). If that sounds like you, and you are willing to help with the Rules Committee, please send me a private message. The community would benefit from your help. Also, if you are a former First Edition World Champion or Continental Champion and would like to help out, please let me know.

In Part II of this article, you will hear from the members of the Rules Commitee -- in their own words -- a bit of the thought process that went into the more significant rulings.

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