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William Ross "Temporary" Ally

by Kevin Jaeger, Player's Representative

15th December 2008

Eight skills in the HOUSE!!!!!!!

You heard me. Ol' Bill may only be your temporary ally, but when he steps up to the plate, he steps up to the plate.

A continuation of the "artifact personnel" cycle, William can come in for zero cost if you've already completed a mission requiring either Officer or Diplomacy. There are a lot of missions that a Deep Space 9 deck could potentially complete that qualify. Here's a list of the top Alpha Quadrant missions that do:

Deliver Evidence, Encounter at Farpoint, Survey New World, Host Metaphasic Shielding Test, Aid Legendary Civilization, and Transport Delegations.

The missions in that list which provide the most intriguing options are Deliver Evidence (since it's span two within the Bajor Region), Host Metaphasic Shielding Test (35 points for low Integrity), Aid Legendary Civiliation (complete it, put some people underneath, hurt your opponent, then just play Ross for zero), and Survey New World (another fast 35 points for low attributes). It sure looks to me like a player could easily put together a mission set starting with two of those missions. Deliver Evidence seems like a likely choice given Deep Space 9's issue with ship availability and Range.

In the Gamma Quadrant, you could Expand Business Opportunities early. You could try to make Peaceful Contact, Pacify Warring Factions, or Access a Relay Station. That's four missions you could build a deck around for a rebirth of the Repurposed Defiant/Confessions deck.

Eight skills though, man; that's Hoss. Seriously Hoss. Should you draw him early and decide to play him, he'll bring a lot of options to the table for you. He has 5 Integrity and Diplomacy for Gomtuu, and he has Astrometrics and Navigation for both Quantum Filament and Where No One Has Gone Before - three popular space dilemmas. Not to mention, he provides an option to stop for Magnetic Field Disruptions, Command Decisions, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, and Full Security Alert.

Hold on a second while I channel another Bill. Here it comes, my inner Billy Mays ShamWOW/Oxi-clean/Mighty Puddy/Bedazzler/Quick Strip/Gator Grip/Gem It/FixIt/Hercules Hook/Liquid Diamond/FreeFone Salesman (thank you wikipedia)...But that's not all!!! With the purchase of Bill Ross and his eight skills, you get two additional skills while facing a dilemma... FOR FREE! That's ten skills for only four cost! Best part about Bill Ross, you get Treachery during a dilemma for a quick Confessions in the Pale Moonlight. I can't believe we're just giving all these skills away! You get eight regular skills for missions, Treachery for Confessions and Intelligence for Rogue Borg Ambush.

Okay, now I feel dirty.

Oh, and he has a Command Star, a keyword, and a corresponding ship, too...but ya know, whatever.

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