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What Would Brad See - Neutral Zone Edition

by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team Manager

18th March 2020

We're due for a new First Edition expansion, very, very soon. The Neutral Zone will be announced any day now, but I thought it might be fun to play a little game of "What Would Brad See."

I've looked through the entire expansion and made a little observation about something I noticed on each card in the set. Some are fairly obvious clues, such as a bit of text on the card or something I saw in the image. Others are more obscure references that might take some thought, or if you don't understand my thought process, might not figure out at all. There are even a few puns or jokes I've attempted to make. You're welcome to try to see what you can glean from this information. I've made one comment for each card in the set, but I've shuffled the clues so they aren't in any particular order. Have fun!


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