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Geordi LaForge (Battleship Engineer)

by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff Writer

17th December 2008

Anyone reading this spoiler article expecting a behind-the-scenes story from the Raise the Stakes design team is going to be sadly disappointed. Despite my wish to spill the beans in this article, the powers that be have decreed that I am not allowed to do so. Always one to follow the rules, I instead present a completely unrelated and fictional story:

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there were four people who were working together to design an expansion for an unnamed customizable card game. Darb was in charge, and he liked to issue assignments to the other three. Dr. Arigeht was asked to work on some corresponding Commanders. Eilrahc was asked to rework some Federation cards that would eventually get cut. Semaj was asked to suggest something for a battleship Geordi from Yesterday's Enterprise, and (in his own words) Darb was going to "sit here and look pretty."

Darb had a couple of stipulations for Semaj: This Geordi should have something to do with the "4 or more" mechanic, like the other alternate universe bridge crew, and he should not just mess with damage cards because "that is boring." Other than that, Semaj could go wild. Naturally, his first thought was to jot down some quick ideas, but he had none. He then watched the DVD of the episode for inspiration, but that didn't help. Semaj suspected that the reason a battleship Geordi had not been created before was because he hardly appears in the episode at all. To commemorate this, Geordi's subtitle during playtesting was "Blink and you'll miss him."

Semaj was eager to please and, a mere 14 hours after being given this assignment, he came up with four options for Darb to choose from. One could prevent events from being played, two more offered variations on cost reduction for high-cost personnel being played, and the fourth moved a ship without using Range. The day after submitting them, Semaj re-read his work and realized that the first three options didn't really have anything to do with Geordi. Darb must have agreed with him because the fourth option was picked to go forward.

Geordi sailed through playtesting. The only change that happened to him was a rewording of his ability. It turns out that Semaj, despite playing the game since its inception, hadn't worked out the correct way to word cards. Still, the intent of the original idea didn't change. That idea: some way to get your ship off of Where No One Has Gone Before. Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with the episode, but Semaj didn't have a lot to work with. In fact, he challenges anyone to come up with a card that fulfils Darb's stipulations and still relates to the episode.

The end.

The moral of the story: reversing a name doesn't make a good code.

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