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Director of Communications Search Begins

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

6th April 2020

As was announced previously, Daniel Matteson has stepped back from the position of Director of Communications and will work as the Writing Team Manager.  This means that the Continuing Committee now has a Board-level position open.  As a Board member, the Director of Communications is key person in the organization.  They help make decisions for the entire organization at our monthly Board meetings.  According to the Bylaws, their specific duties are:

The Director of Communications is responsible for managing the Department of Communications, ensuring their programs are supported and successful. This Department consists of the Proofreading Committee, the Social Media Manager, The Writing Team, and the Ambassador Corps.  They will oversee the department staffing, filling vacancies as needed, and serve as arbiter for all disputes within the Department of Communications.

The Continuing Committee hopes that people with Public Relations or other relevant experience will apply for this position. 

The selection process will be like previous Board-level searches.  I have assembled a team of volunteers to work on the search.  Thank you to Austin Chandler (DarkSabre), Ross Fertel (Faithful Reader), Nerdo (Nerdopolis Prime), Ryan Sutton (rsutton41) and Sascha Kiefer (Sascha Kiefer) for volunteering.  As you can see, this committee has six people, which leads to a possibility of a tie if we have more than one candidate.  I have decided that I will facilitate the search, but only vote if someone ends up having to drop out of the committee.

You may begin the application process here.  I will leave this application open for the next two weeks.  I want to start interviews on April 20th.  All interviews will be recorded and made publicly available on The Continuing Committee’s YouTube channel.  I hope to have a candidate to bring forward to the Board for approval by the April Board Meeting.  Remember that a candidate goes through a probationary period after they are chosen for the position, so there will be plenty of opportunity for comments on their work before and after the selection. If you have any questions about the search process or the position of Director of Communications, please feel free to PM me.

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