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2020 NA Continentals Postponed

by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

9th April 2020

Like all of you, I am monitoring the unfolding situation with the novelcoronavirus and hoping that our lives return to normal as soon as possible.

However, I want to inform everyone that I have consulted with my fellow TDs for the 2020 North American Continentals in Atlanta and we have come to the unanimous decision that the most responsible course of action at this time is to postpone our event. Obviously, we can't know what the future will hold, and it would be great if this postponement turns out to have been unnecessary. However, we feel we have to put the health and safety of our players and their families first, and so we cannot in good conscience proceed with the event as planned.

If you've already registered for the events, there is no need to unregister at this time. We still plan to have the event. It will just be at a different time. If you've made travel plans to attend NA Continentals, please feel free to PM me with some alternative date ranges that would best fit your schedule. I can't promise that we'll be able to accommodate them, but I can assure you we'll make every effort to schedule it on a weekend that works best for as many travelers as possible. Obviously, we'll also avoid scheduling the event on the same weekends as the big conventions like GenCon or The Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, for example.

Right now, our plan is to hold the event at the same location at a new date to be determined. In the unlikely event that the venue is no longer available at the newly selected dates I will make every effort to find a new location that is as convenient to the current one as possible and still meets our needs. I've also reached out to OP to investigate the logistics of holding the event online if no suitable alternative dates are forthcoming, or in the case that this virus lasts longer than I'm sure we all hope it does, or if no suitable location can be found for the new dates. One way or another, we will have a 2020 NA Continentals!

If you've made travel or hotel arrangements and you need something in writing to help you with rescheduling your trip, please let me know.

I just want to say again: we are not cancelling this event. We are merely postponing it. It is my hope that those of you who have already registered for 1e, 2e, and Tribbles events will still be able to attend. And, once our new dates are announced, I hope even more of you will be willing and able to come. With your help and patience, I am sure we can still make this a fun and successful event.

Stay healthy out there!


Michael Shea, aka The Prefect

Written on behalf of my fellow TDs Rick Kinney, Robin Anthony, Ryan Sutton, and Scott Baughman.

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