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Find a Dog Who'll Eat a Dog

by Michael Shea, Blue Gill Thrall

16th April 2020

Seasons Six and Seven of Deep Space Nine showed us a Federation locked in a battle for its very survival, and we got to see a side of Starfleet that, at that point, we'd never seen before. They were desperate. They were morally ambiguous. They were gritty. Perhaps no character in Trek has ever summed-up the effect of war on humanity better than Quark in "The Siege of AR-558":

"Let me tell you something about humans, nephew. They're a wonderful, friendly people as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time, and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon."


The first card I'll discuss today; Reese, Grizzled Survivor; shows us a bit of that desperate will to survive, and marks the first time any the Heroes of AR-558 have been depicted in Trek CCG as personnel.

This card is a solid 6-6-6-attributed personnel with a Command Star and a broad range of skills. He's good against Archaic Snare, Dsigraceful Assault, Divergent Goals, Mugato, Stolen Computer Core, and many others. But his ability really speaks to the events depicted in "The Siege of AR-558": he's a survivor and a protector. When he is an eligible target for a random selection - either from dilemmas or in battle - as long as he is at a [Dom] mission you may exclude him and one other [DS9] personnel from random selection. That can be a real advantage against ACE-TT kill piles, Chula piles, dilemmas like Adopted Authority or Intimidation, but also against Bajoran, Dominion, and Klingon combat shenanigans. In adition, if you're interested in keeping your entire crew or away team from being wiped out by combos involving dilemmas or equipment, Reese is your man.

Bringing the Heroes of AR-558 to life in Second Edition is a privilege, and something I hope you're as excited about as I am. And, for those of you who are fans of the this episode and have been wondering, as I have, why it's taken this long to get these characters on cards, all I can say is don't give up hope. Consider this Grizzled Survivor a preview of good things to come.

The second card I'll discuss today is a mission that is intended to fit into in what I'll call, for lack of a better term, the "Dominion War" suite of missions. These include Clash at Chin'toka; Cardassia Prime, Secure Homeworld; Farius Prime, Approach Criminal Organization; Military Excercises; Penetrate Enemy Lines; Plot Invasion; Restock Ketracel White; Signal for Rescue; and the Siege of AR-558. These are all Alpha Quadrant missions that are attempt-able both by the Dominon and the Federation and which depict events we know or assume to have taken place during the Dominion War. Many of these missions also have overlapping skill matrices which makes the notion of building a deck around this mission suite an intriguing notion for fans of Deep Space Nine.

Bajoran Sector

This mission, called Bajoran Sector, Engage Enemy Forces, makes the prospect of building a viable deck with this mission suite all the more enticing. The mission's skill matrix is intimidating, but for the Federation, it can be done and quite well: Engineer, Honor, Leadership, Navigation, Officer, 2 Security, and Strength>46. For the time being, [ES9] has a bit of a tough time making it work, but [TNG] can handle it with little to worry to about. And, for the Dominion player who's just determined to complete a 50 point mission, the Jem'Hadar actually don't too much trouble meeting the requirements for this mission either, though they get no bonus.

A personnel wish-list item for me is to put together a deck using the Dominion suite missions centered around Benjamin Sisko, Resourceful Captain and his ship, the improbably subtitled Salvaged Attack Ship, Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. And, while Reese, Grizzled Survivor will no doubt play a key role in such a deck, their time to truly shine has yet to arrive. In the meantime, I hope you'll indulge as I engage in a little fantasy deck-building and imagine what might happen had the Bluegills taken over the Federation and then engaged in war with the Dominion.

This deck relies on the rich skill complement of the [AU] [TNG] crew and all of the usual Blue Gill bells and whistles. Once again, War Without End is here to push the deck over the edge for a two-mission win. The dilemma pile is a fairly standard mixed Chula pile that also sprinkles in a few high-cost dilemmas to take advantage of the large number of events in the deck.


Discuss this article in this thread.

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

0VP6•Earth, Cradle of the Federation
50V4•Cardassia Prime, Secure Homeworld
3U109•The Siege of AR-558
50V2•Bajoran Sector, Engage Enemy Forces
26V24•Penetrate Enemy Lines

Draw Deck (52)
2R352x Common Ground
0VP2012x Disadvantage Into Advantage
31V183x Peaceful Coexistence
5P122x Security Drills
0VP2211x Tacking Into the Wind
14R431x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
35V122x War Without End
24V301x •Benjamin Maxwell, Misguided Maverick
31V351x •Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet Security
13C591x •Beverly Crusher, Battleship Doctor
13C601x •Data, Battleship Officer
31V361x •Dexter Remmick, Alien Thrall
0VP3051x •Donald Varley, Discoverer of Iconia
48V111x •Edward Jellico, Brusque Martinet
35V211x •Erik Pressman, Stern Authoritarian
17V601x •Geordi La Forge, Battleship Engineer
31V371x •Gregory Quinn, Alien Courier
25V381x •Guinan, Battleship Bartender
13C642x •Jean-Luc Picard, Battleship Captain
2C1261x •Kelly, Relief Tactical Officer
10U721x •Kosinski, Arrogant Engineer
0VP1751x •Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man
1R2721x •Leyton, Chief of Starfleet Operations
35V251x •Lwaxana Troi, Psychic Tutor
2R1281x •Miles O'Brien, Transporter Chief
7R691x •Montgomery Scott, Relic
0VP2361x •Reginald Barclay, Exceeding Limits
41V211x •Ro Laren, Proven Expert
49V451x •Savar, Alien Pawn
0VP2753x Shelley
35V291x •Spock, Maverick Diplomat
28V381x •Tasha Yar, Requesting a Transfer
47V91x •Vash, Duplicitous Damsel
13C821x •Wesley Crusher, Battleship Helmsman
13C831x •William T. Riker, Battleship First Officer
5P301x •Worf, First Officer
14R1122x •I.K.S. Qel'Poh, H.M.S. Bounty
13C1173x •U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Battleship
Dilemma Pile (38)
29V12x Adopted Authority
1C152x Chula: Echoes
8U62x Chula: Move Along Home
1C162x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
0VP1762x Chula: The Chandra
13R42x Chula: The Dice
30V23x Chula: The Game
19V12x Chula: The Precipice
30V32x Chula: Trickery
16V52x Chula: Unfortunate Roll
30V41x Discommendation
50V11x Garak Has Some Issues
0VP1671x Moral Choice
16V161x The Seen and the Unseen
2C252x Timescape
40V91x Weight of Command
38V61x Journey to the Past
0VP1412x Sylvia
0VP1302x Whisper in the Dark
4R282x Tsiolkovsky Infection
0VP903x Where No One Has Gone Before

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