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So, you want to play Star Trek CCG?

by Austin Chandler, Social Media Manager

14th May 2020

The Continuing Committee (Homefront) Continuing Committee Hearing

Welcome to TrekCC!

Let me (re)introduce you to the next game that you want to play: Star Trek Customizable Card Game. The game itself dates back all to the way to 1994 when Decipher, Inc came out with Star Trek The Next Generation Customizable Card Game and continued onward from there through many sets, a new edition, many more sets, and then and ultimately a sad ending for the Decipher which stopped producing the Star Trek Card Games. Here at TrekCC we endevour to keep the game alive and growing. We constantly revise old cards, try and ensure that the rules work in a tournament setting, produce new cards, keep the glossary going, and in short: Keep the Power of the Universe in your hands.

There are two different flavors of the card game. First Edition (1E) and Second Edition (2E). You can use the physical cards made by Decipher or you can print out all the cards through our website. You can print out using the set PDFs or using the Deck Builders on TrekCC.org  You can simply print cards, cut them out, then sleeve them. (Here's the 1E Deck Builder, and here is the 2E Deck Builder.) Then you’re ready to begin playing.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website gives you a better understanding of why there are two different versions of the game. Both Editions are currently supported by TrekCC.org, with new virtual sets constantly being made. Both editions have an active player base all around the world and even online via Discord and LackeyCCG. There are extensive resources found on our forums and articles on TrekCC.org.

But how do I get down to learning to play? Great question!

U.S.S. Enterprise (Chain of Command) U.S.S. Enterprise-E (Federation Envoy)

First Edition
Let’s start with First Edition. It is commonly called "Star Trek turned into a Card Game" by its players and the rules are more complex than most modern card games. Here is the First Edition Rulebook that was recently revised & updated. To get started you'll need some decks which some great introductory decks can be found here:  1E starter decks.

There are also starter decks that were made with the following sets: The Next Generation & Engage

Second Edition
Heard of Second Edition or used to play it? Well look no further because we have that too. 2E is known for having modern card game rules and mechanics, so people call it the "Card Game that is based on Star Trek". Here is the Second Edition Rulebook for your reading please. We have an excellent article about how to play with decks that you can print out.

Want to Play Online?

Players use LackeyCCG that runs on both PCs & MACs to be able to play online with players all over the world. 

For First Edition information for LackeyCCG see the this forum post. 

For Second Edition information for LackeyCCG see this forum post instead.


Locutus of Borg (Homefront III) Locutus (Implacable Scourge)

Additional Resources
Our Official Facebook Page
A large, active Star Trek CCG Group on Facebook
Click here for an invite to The DOJO, a Discord Group dedicated to everything about Star Trek CCG and an excellent resource to learn how to play on LackeyCCG.

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