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Second Edition June Errata

by Tjark Ott, Second Edition Errata Team Leader

1st June 2020

Eight Second Edition cards are receiving errata this month.

Change of Venue allows you to switch dilemmas with your opponents (here and back again, Hobbit Style, if both players using it) while events can’t be switched back. These helps dilemma theme piles like Chula / Pattern Loss/ Underlying Influence not to collapse when a key dilemma was targeted - even if your opponent puts your Chula the game away from his mission via Change of Venue. You can even send it back with playing Change of Venue yourself giving new options for dilemma use.

Next is Quintessence. This has been a great card in the Borg arsenal for quite some time. The card now costs three counters instead of one but doesn’t discard when used.

Crippling Strike is an issue with the pursuit keyword. With A Long Road  you can take two copies back into your hand after they are played. This is the biggest offender, but Sensor Sweep and the Kumari, A Fine Ship  can download a Pursuit. These combos went rampage during a tournament almost singlehandedly preventing a player from moving and now that keyword has been removed.

Lustful Distraction’s second feature proved to be a little too easy to use with an interrupt intended to boost Mirror Starfleet. The requirement of two Alternate Universe icons on you Starfleet personnel is added for cultural enforcement.

The wording on The Enemy of My Enemy has been tightened. It now triggers when your Cardassian personnel is facing a dilemma, not simply during the mission attempt.

Fontaine, Enigmatic Rebel’s gametext has been an issue as of late. His second ability to draw two cards when he is placed in the discard pile was meant to be used creatively, but problems have arisen. The greatest of which is probably Temporal Transporters, but there have been too many concerns with this power, so the ability has simply been removed. Also, his cost has been reduced to 2.

Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister’s cost is now three instead of five. He hasn`t been played much since his first overpowered version received errata. It’s time to pump him a little to see non human [PA]  more often.

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Loaded for Bear now requires stopping of three personnel to activate, not six. This will allow you to use the ‘Round the Corner” strategy without costing a turn to do so. Compared to other Enterprises she was one of the weekest - now its time to let the bear roar again - making her more useful.

Errata is scheduled for the first Monday of the month. If you have any questions or concerns about a card, please direct them via PM to Tjark.

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