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Premium Website: How to Join

by Chris Lobban, Chief Programmer

15th December 2008

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to read all of my previous articles pertaining to the Premium Website. If so, you know what all you can do with the features and how much it'll cost to use them. Hopefully, you've even had a chance to try most of the features yourself. That only leaves one question... how do you get a Premium membership?

Well, to answer that question properly, you'll need to have access to the online store. Wait, what online store? Well... okay you caught me. It's not quite ready yet. But soon it will be, and will give you a centralized place to purchase and track all of your orders. Tournament kits, contest prizes, and yes, Premium memberships. There will be two ways to order a Premium membership (and indeed, any of the items for sale in the store). Firstly, you'll be able to place the order via PayPal using a credit card or bank transfer. This is by far the quickest and easiest method. Any PayPal orders are processed immediately so that the item can be shipped out as quickly as possible. Or in the case of a Premium membership, you'll find your membership activated within about five minutes of ordering it, allowing you to start enjoying the Premium site immediately. For those that prefer not to use PayPal, you can place an order on the store site and mail in a check, cheque, or money order for the required value. In this case, your order will remain in "Pending Payment" status until the payment arrives, causing a delay in processing. However, if that's your only choice, then at least you'll still be able to use it.

One other feature you'll find that's specific to orders for Premium website access, is that you will be able to order and purchase access for somebody else. That means that if one person in a play group has a PayPal account and the rest don't, that one person will still be able to order Premium accounts for all of their friends, and simply collect the money from them. Also, this gives judges/tournament directors an opportunity to offer a new and unique prize at their tournaments. If a judge/tournament director wants to offer a membership as a prize at a local tournament, he or she can just go online and purchase it for the winner as soon as the event is over.

Of course online (Paypal) purchases won't be available until the Premium site is officially launched on January 1st, 2009. But if you don't anticipate being able to use PayPal, and you want to make sure that you're one of the first people through the door in the new year, you can get a head start on mail delay by sending in your check, cheque, or money order immediately. Regardless of when it arrives, your account won't be activated until the new year, but this way you don't have to wait an extra week or two after the site goes live before you'll be able to use it.

To place your order for a Premium membership, simply select a membership duration from the chart below:

Make out a check, cheque, or money order to 'Charlie Plaine', and mail it to:
Continuing Committee
c/o: Charlie Plaine
1106 E. Dunedin Rd.
Columbus, OH 43224
Please be sure to include your real name and message board username in the envelope. Your membership will be activated at the beginning of January.

Or, of course, if you're able to pay with PayPal, just come back here on January 1st, follow the link to the Online Store, and complete your purchase quickly and envelope free. See you in the New Year!

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