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Weekly 1E Roundup - 28 MAY 2020

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

28th May 2020

The Trois

Welcome to the Weekly 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for content, you can contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. I'm happy to write about your tournaments, get togethers, or other 1E-related goings-on. But for now, let's get into the column and see what's been going on in the world of First Edition!

The Big News

International First Edition Demo Day is taking place on Sunday, June 7th - you can read all about it in the announcement article. For most of the day - starting very early in the morning for yours truly and running until mid-afternoon, we'll be hosting a Zoom call where anyone can join in and discuss the glorious game of First Edition. We'll have volunteers available most of the day that can teach you how to set up and use Lackey, walk you through building a deck, teaching you the basics, or just chat 1E. Please consider stopping by if you want to refresh your memory or learn more about First Edition. We'll share more details next week as we get closer to the day itself.

This Day in Trek

Thirty years ago today, the episode "Ménage à Troi" aired for the first time. It's one of my favorite episodes, not for the drama or the story, but for the fun in watching it. This third season episode would mark the third appearance of Lwaxana Troi, the over-the-top mother of Deanna brought to life by Majel Barrett Roddenberry. The episode also featured the sixth appearance of the Ferengi on The Next Generation. In the episode, Ferengi DaiMon Tog kidnaps Riker, Troi, and her mother from a trade conference because he is infatuated with the elder Troi. Check out the "preview video" on YouTube for a taste of the plot (and a reminder of how campy these things were in the late 80's and early 90's):

I didn't consciously realize how packed this episode was until I was researching it for this column. Did you know this episode was the first time the cochrane (a fictional unit of subspace distortion) was mentioned? That it was the first appearance of the Ferengi phaser? The first mention of oo-mox? Aside from those firsts, the episode features Wesley Crusher's promotion to full ensign (and appearance in a traditional uniform) as well as Picard's dramatic Shakespeare reading. Surprisingly, other than the ship - the Krayton, and some characters - The Trois, the Ferengi Lwaxana, Dr. Farek, Tog, and Nibor - there's only a single mission from the episode. I can't want to make cards for Picard reciting Shakespeare or the Algolian instrument some day. In any case, "Ménage à Troi" is a fun episode and well worth a re-watch.

Tournament Reports

We haven't had any events complete since our last column, so this is a brief section this time. But if you're playing, getting together, I want to hear about it! Did you play online? Tell me about it! Play with family? Send me pictures! I'm happy to cover tournaments and casual games in this column - you just have to let me know. You can find my contact information at the bottom of every column, and you're welcome to email me, PM me, or just post on the forums. So if you're out there, playing 1E in any way, shape, or form, tell us about it!

Tournament Previews

The TK Invitational Series continues with a new OTF Complete Constructed tournament kicking off on Monday, June 1st. The event currently has four (4) pre-registered players, as of the writing of this column: Christian (LuthySloan), Niall Matthew (sexecutioner), Sebastian Kirstein (Caretaker's Guest), and Mathew McCalpin (Keiimaster). This tournament begins on the first Monday of the month, the same day that any new bans or errata typically happen. The tournament will use the card pool as it exists before those happen, so please be mindful of that when participating.

If you have upcoming events, virtual get togethers, or anything else scheduled that's 1E related, let me know. I'd love to feature you and your friends in this column. I typically only see them if they're scheduled in our tournament software, so if you're not using that, please let me know!

Short Treks (In Other News)

The Time Capsule

Five years ago this week, the final set in the "Homefront" series, Homefront VI, was released. The Homefront expansions, at the time, made up the "Core" block that was always part of the rotating card block pool. For example, the "Core" block would be part of that card pool along with the TNG and DS9 blocks; or, after rotating, along with the DS9 and Mirror blocks. Homefront VI was crafted specifically to add new and reprinted cards to this card pool, making lots of staple cards available to all future block card pools. Happy birthday, Homeront VI, and thank you for the work that you did.

That's all for this week's roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from March 2020. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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