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Weekly 1E Roundup - 1 JULY 2020

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

1st July 2020

Assign Support Personnel

Welcome to the Weekly 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for content, you can contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. I'm happy to write about your tournaments, get togethers, or other 1E-related goings-on. But for now, let's get into the column and see what's been going on in the world of First Edition!

The Big News

As we pass the halfway point of a very eventful 2020, we're all still dealing with the reality of a global pandemic. But it's not all bad news, as even though we made the decision to cancel the in-person Continental and World Championships for 2020, there's plenty of Trek still being played. The Subspace Championship Series kicks off this weekend with the now-online American National Championships, and continues for most of the rest of the year. Additionally, Jon Carter (pfti) is hosing a "(Not) a World Championship" in August. We've repurposed the prizes from Continentals and Worlds to be Subspace Championship Series prizes instead, and they will be available to players in all Subspace Championship Series events all season long. You can check out those promos in this article announcing them.

In a personal note, I appreciate your understanding and forgiveness in my not writing a column last week. I've had some physical and mental health challenges over the last two weeks that's made it hard to sit at a computer for any length of time. Of course, since my job involves sitting at a computer for four hours a day, it makes it even harder to get Trek stuff done. I've started to improve though, and I appreciate your willingness to allow me to skip a week when I just couldn't keep up. Thank you!

This Day in Trek

Dominic Keating, the English actor that played Malcolm Reed on Star Trek: Enterprise, turns fifty-eight (58) years old today. Dominic originally auditioned for an unspecified role on Voyager, and while he didn't get the part, he impressed Rick Berman and Brannon Braga enough to be invited to audition for Reed. Prior to working on Star Trek, Mr. Keating appeared in several shows on the BBC and has played smaller bit parts in various shows since, including the show Las Vegas. His voice is distinctive, so much so I recognized immediately him as the voice actor behind The Templar in Diablo III. Happy Birthday, Dominic - I hope it's a good one!

Malcolm Reed (Enterprise Collection)

Tournament Reports

Since we last covered organized play, there's been a single event to discuss - a seven (7) player Tribbles event in Winter Park, Florida, USA. Sean O'Reilly (Jono) hosted the event at Campus Cards & Games #2, which was won by Rick Kinney (T-Ricks). Rick bred 751,330 Tribbles with Little scores add up, a deck using some of the new powers from May's A Tribble of a Different Color. In fact, five of the six decks that are posted features new cards, which probably made for a fun event. Rick won by a margin of just 120 tribbles - a slim and impressive win! Congrats, Rick! Oh, and if you haven't realized by now, we'll be covering Tribbles in this column as we move forward.

If you're playing, getting together, I want to hear about it! Did you play online? Tell me about it! Play with family? Send me pictures! I'm happy to cover tournaments and casual games in this column - you just have to let me know. You can find my contact information at the bottom of every column, and you're welcome to email me, PM me, or just post on the forums. So if you're out there, playing First Edition or Tribbles in any way, shape, or form, tell us about it!

Tournament Previews

We have four events taking place this weekend, including two big events taking place this weekend - the American Nationals and the German Nationals. The first event is the latest in the online Return to Talos IV series being run by Brian Sykes (Armus); this month, he's hosting a Warp Speed Limited event using Enhanced Premiere. As he writes in the tournament listing, "Each player will receive a random EPP Main, their corresponding outpost mission, a randomly selected EPP Wormhole mission, and two random EPP Dual dilemmas, plus 4 Premiere packs. Warp speed rules; 3 missions, max 10 Seed cards, one of which can seed at your outpost, minimum 20 draw deck cards. Two card plays per turn, even up to 7 cards at end of turn. First player to solve a planet and a space mission wins." As of the writing of this article, there are nine (9) players signed up for this throw down - will you make it an even ten?

10 Advance (Virtual Tribbles Promo)

Meanwhile, in Haimhausen, Germany, Kaiserfest III kicks off with a cool tournament with special rules. You can check out the special rules in the tournament listing. Right now, host Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser) is the only pre-registered player, but I have no doubt others will have fun with this crazy event. And this fun event will just whet everyone's appetite for the next day's German Nationals, and OTF Complete Constructed event on Saturday, July 4th. Six (6) players are currently pre-registered for this event, which should be a lot of fun for all. No doubt we'll see another rematch between 2019's World Champion, Peter Ludwig (martok88), and the Runner-Up, Johannes himself.

Finally, the American Nationals - now online - will also be kicking off on July 4th. Right now, this OTF Complete Constructed tournament. There is a player with no previous tournaments signed up to play - BionicMan05 (BionicMan05) - as well as one - Joseph Wisniewski (geraldkw) - who's only started playing recently. Which is awesome to see! And they're jumping into the deep end, as we've got seven (7) players in the Top 50 signed up as well - Kris Sonsteby (LORE), Jon Carter (ptfi), Jeremy Huth (9of24), Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot), Brian Sykes, Paddy Tye (KazonPADD), and James Heaney (BCSWowbagger). There are twenty-one (21) players signed up to play in this event, and it's going to be a heck of a showdown.

There's still time to sign up for most of these events, too, so check out the links and do so. As a reminder, both Brian's Return to Talos IV event and the American Nationals event are part of the Subspace Championship Series. As such, players will be eligible for tons of prizes including the recently revealed Assign Support Personnel and Kressari Rendezvous foils. Oh, and don't forget the incredible 10 Advance and 100,000 Dance foils available for Tribbles. Maggie Geppert is hosting a weekly Tribbles tournament, every Tuesday Night at 9 PM Eastern time - the first one kicks off Tuesday, July 7th. Sign up, play some Tribbles, and have fun!

Meanwhile, if you are in a part of the world where gatherings are allow, and if you have upcoming events, virtual get togethers, or anything else scheduled that's 1E related, let me know. I'd love to feature you and your friends in this column. I typically only see them if they're scheduled in our tournament software, so if you're not using that, please let me know!

Short Treks (In Other News)

Terok Nor (Virtual Promos)

That's all for this week's roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from June 2020. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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