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One Second Edition Errata Today

by Charlie Plaine, Interim Director of Second Edition

6th July 2020

Deneb IV (Encounter at Farpoint)

The first Monday of each month is the standard date when the Department of Second Edition releases errata. Today, there is a single change being issued: the Second Edition mission Encounter at Farpoint has had a name change to become Deneb IV (Encounter at Farpoint). This ensures that the original mission matches the newly released Return to Farpoint series promo, and gives the mission the same treatment as modern missions.

Editor's Note: We're a little behind schedule getting the images for this month's errata loaded into the system. Please expect those in the next day or so; we'll update this post when they are live.

This change is effective immediately, and the Errata document on the front page has been updated accordingly. Interim Errata Team Manager Stefan Slaby (Winner of Borg) and his team are hard at work testing more errata, with an eye for an August release. The next scheduled date for announcements of Second Edition errata is Monday,  August 3rd.

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