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2E Project Status Update - July 2020

by Charlie Plaine, Interim Director of Second Edition

17th July 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I've spent the past two weeks or so getting caught up with Second Edition and I wanted to take some time to fill you in. It's been some time since there was an update about the various design projects that are ongoing, and the goal of this post is to update you about where those projects are and what you can expect. So, without further ado, let's jump right into this Project Status Update for Second Edition.

Projects Planned for 2020

All Our Yesterdays a.k.a. Project Bruce
(Project Bruce is the first in a themed tetralogy of expansions based around different kinds of interactive play, specifically focused on the Enterprise and Original Series eras.)

I know it's been hinted around in various meetings and broadcasts, but I'm happy to confirm the name of Project Bruce will be All Our Yesterdays. This expansion is up next and you'll start seeing spoilers for it in the next month or so. Brought to you by Richard New (The Guardian), and his team of Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing), Nathan Miracle (GooeyChewie), and Alexey Korolev (Ashbey), All Our Yesterdays features a host of new cards to promote greater interplay between players - and not just in the ways you might expect. I'm not quite ready to share any spoilers with you yet, but I will give you a short list of five things you'll find when the expansion is released. (I've hidden them, so if you want to avoid spoilers, you can.)

Five (5) Things You'll Find in All Our Yesterdays

  • A new keyword.
  • An old keyword in a new place.
  • Andorians, a Fake Andorian, and Close Andorian Kin
  • A new personnel with no abilities.
  • "...score 10 points."

All Our Yesterdays is in production right now, and we're awaiting the proof back from Art. Once we have that, while the Art team continues their work finding images, our Proofreaders will ensure everything is complete and correct. We're already starting to plan out the release schedule and write spoiler articles, so you'll be seeing this much sooner than later. I'm very confident you'll see this expansion next month, in August 2020.

Project Clark
(Project Clark is the second in a themed tetralogy of expansions based around kinds of interactive play, specifically focused on the Deep Space Nine era.)

Project Clark, being led by Michael Shea (The Prefect) with Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing) and Nathan Miracle (GooeyChewie) contributing, continues the themes of this "cycle" but focused on DS9. The expansion has been in testing for several weeks at this point and the response has been mostly positive. Under the watchful eyes of Benjamin Liebich (monty42), the Second Edition Playtest Manager, testers and designers have been working together to deliver a quality set of cards that you all can expect later this year.

It's definitely too early to talk about what you'll find in Project Clark, but I will say there is at least one card that players have been asking about for quite some time. I'm optimistic by what I see and I think players will really like this expansion - and the card I am alluding to in particular - when it is ready for release. The plan right now is for this expansion to come out in very late autumn of this year.

Project Donar (Part II)
(Project Donar is boutique product themed around the Winter Holidays.)

Last year, in February 2019, we released Q-Pid, a fun boutique expansion themed around love and Valentine's Day. That expansion was part of the original Project Donar, which also included a similar boutique meant to be released that Christmas. Well, obviously, that didn't happen - but we're aiming to make it happen for the Winter Holidays this year. Mike Shea and myself, as members of the original Project Donar design team, are working on the "sequel" along with contributions from Sean O'Reilly (Jono) and Nathan Miracle.

Project Donar features a suite of cards themed around things we typically associate with the Winter Holidays - kindness, compassion, the spirit of giving, food, friends, and family. Of course, it wouldn't be the Holidays without a "grinch" or two, would it? This expansion will be heading to testers soon, after Project Clark is wrapped up with its testing, and our plan is to have it out right around the end of December.

Projects Planned for 2021

ANNOUNCING: Project Connor
(Project Connor is the third in a themed tetralogy of expansions based around kinds of interactive play, specifically focused on the The Next Generation era.)

One of the first things done by Nick Yankovec (nickyank) during his tenure as Director of Second Edition was to split Project Clark into two. While the first half of the original Project Clark kept the name, the second half - which will be focused on The Next Generation era - gets a new name. Thus, Project Connor was born. (If you don't know the origin of all these code names, ask your local comic book fan!)

Project Connor's design team is currently the same as that of Project Clark - meaning Michael Shea (The Prefect), Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing), and Nathan Miracle (GooeyChewie). The cards in Project Connor are themed around the television show and movies featuring Picard and the crews of the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E. Obviously, the team is working very hard on Project Clark right now as it's currently in testing, but once that's complete their focus will be on Project Connor.

Tentatively, Project Connor should go into testing late this year for a Spring 2021 release date.

ANNOUNCING: Project Diana
(Project Diana is the fourth in a themed tetralogy of expansions based around kinds of interactive play, specifically focused on the Voyager era.)

There isn't much to say about Project Diana, except that the design team - including Daniel Giddings (Danny) and Sean O'Reilly - have been hard at work. Unfortunately, their schedule has been disrupted quite a bit due to the splitting of Project Clark and the resurrection of Project Donar, meaning it will be Summer 2021 until their hard work sees the light of day. But I'm confident that their patience - and yours - will be rewarded, because there are some big and cool ideas in their design file. I'd also like to work with Nathan Miracle, the Second Edition Design Director, and the Project Diana team to add another designer to the project's staff. Fortunately, a positive side effect of the delay is having the time to do so.

That's all for now. I know it's been awhile since there was an update like this, and this might not be as complete or a forward looking as any of us would like these updates to be. This is the first time these updates for Second Edition have been in an article, in this form, so please share your thoughts about the content and the presentation. We're always looking for ways we can improve our communication. Make your thoughts known, and I'll keep working on making these better and more useful. And that includes making sure the next Director of Second Edition knows what you thought worked and didn't work about this article.

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