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Pick the Next 2E Tournament Promos

by Charlie Plaine, Interim Director of Second Edition

21st July 2020

Adopted Authority (Virtual Promos)

One of the things that needs to get done by the Department of Second Edition is to pick the next set of tournament promos. If you aren't familiar with The Continuing Committee's tournament promos, they are very cool looking virtual promo cards that feature alternate images. To make them even more awesome, they're printed on foil paper stock and assembled by volunteers. Tournament directors can order them via The Promenade and distribute them as prizes at events. Series XX was recently released, but now it's time to work on Series XXI - and that's where you come in!

Right now on the Gameplay (2E) forums, we've got five (5) threads going where you can submit ideas for cards you want to see in this tournament series. We've decided the card types already - one (1) dilemma, one (1) event, two (2) missions, two (2) personnel, and three (3) ships. Right now, and for the next week - through Sunday, July 24th - you can visit each of these threads and nominate your choices for which cards you want to see!

Then, come back next week to cast your votes for which cards get selected. We really want to have your input on this decision, so visit these threads and sound off!

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