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The Vedek That Never Was

by Austin Chandler, Social Media Manager

31st July 2020

Vedek Dax

If you ask me, any excuse for making a new version of a card from Deep Space Nine is worthy automatically. I'm a hardcore Deep Space Nine fan. Yes, even the first season. That's because the first season is chock full of a lot of substance that sets the stage for many of the more intriguing interactions and encounters and other seasons.

Our next promo in the Promo-a-Week series we have is Vedek Dax. Who doesn't love more Dax versions?

As a Vedek, a Trill, and with skills that are really helpful for both missions and dilemmas she is easily an automatic add for any Bajoran styled deck.

She can play for free to the Chambers of Ministers. She can conduct services at the Bajoran Shrine. She is susceptible to Palukoo but who uses that dilemma anymore? Plus even if they are being used, what Bajoran deck doesn't have Resistance?

While she's on a planet, Dax could help with Duck Blind draws with another Anthropology.

As far as dilemmas she is the perfect fit to help against Ancient Computer, help against Macrovirus, help against Naglium: Test Subjects, help with Odo's Cousin (and stay behind for the points), and cure Phased Matter all on her own.

Almost every Federation/Bajoran Treaty deck I have run used Vedek Dax over Jadzia Dax because of her free play & and her skill set is just excellent no matter what version she is in.

Hope you enjoy using this card again using this new alternate image version!

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