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Compromised Mission

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Designer

7th August 2020

Compromised Mission

Continuing on with the Promo-a-Week project, we've got a look at our first mission: Compromised Mission. With the release of Alternate Universe, the first expansion to the game, all the way back in 1995, this funny-looking space location was one of the first asymmetric missions in the game. Warped Space, with different SPAN values on each side, was the second one.

So what makes it asymmetric? For Compromised Mission, the different affiliation icons on the player's side and opponent's side. You must be a Klingon or Romulan player to attempt the mission, but the opponent has to be Federation. So this is an excellent mission to use with Trilithium Weapon to rotate it to be able to attempt with your Federation ship and crew.

Looking at the requirements, we see Treachery x2. You can find similar levels of Treachery on twelve (12) other Alpha Quadrant missions. Of those, there are nine attemptable by Romulans, three by the Federation, and two by the Klingons. All this makes Compromised Mission a prime candidate for a Treacherous Romulan deck. The Computer Skill is easy enough to come by and the STRENGTH>35 is not hard for anyone with a disruptor or a Varon-T Disruptor.

If you are looking for more points, then the likes of Palteth, Narik, and if you want to work with the Klingons, Kamok (due to the wonders of the rules he gets to come to the Alpha Quadrant) can be seeded even, with the help of Assign Mission Specialists. There are also 3 [Fed] mission specialists as well if you flip the mission the artifact way.


We'll be back in September with our next edition of the Promo-a-Week program, as we take the next few weeks off to let our Second Edition cousins enjoy the spotlight. See you soon!

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