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Seven Second Edition Errata Today

by Stefan Slaby, Interim Second Edition Errata Manager

3rd August 2020

Hikaru Sulu (Cunning Tactician)

Seven Second Edition cards are receiving errata this month.

Hikaru Sulu, Cunning Tactician's ability turned out to be seriously broken if you just get him aboard an opponent's ship, where as worded he could be used to both relocate and damage that ship every turn, effectively stranding many ships, and sometimes completely locking out Voyager. Today we're changing him to match design's intent, replacing "the ship" with "your ship". Thanks to a last-minute effort by Art Director Johnny Holeva (jjh), Sulu is updated with a new image today as well.

Unsavory Customers has been shown to be problematic when stacked with other counter reduction, especially with Cardassians' Tribunal Sentencing. So today we're binding it more tightly to the HQ it was designed for, Luna, which in turn joins the ranks of xenophobic HQs that can't be used in dual HQ decks. This won't completely eliminate the possibility of reducing an opponent's counters below 4, but should make attempting to do so much more costly and fragile.

Shuttlepod Two has been used for unlimited-Range-shenanigans far too long. It will only allow for one discounted move per turn from now on.

Stakoron Strait and Stakoron II have been two vastly overplayed missions since their release, especially in high-level play. Not only do they have several small benefits that together outweigh the cost of playing missions in another quadrant, they also severely punish opponents for simply playing a normal dilemma ratio. Several options have been discussed and playtested, and based on playtesting feedback today these mission receive a combination of two changes: increased attribute requirements, and having the cost increase for dual dilemmas trigger only once per turn.

Lastly, when the mission Parliament was designed for The Omega Directive, it was overlooked that Transport Delegations also listed Parliament as its location - but with a very different image. A little research has unearthed that the planet depicted here is actually not Parliament (whose image was never seen on the show, and created by decipher), but the starting point of the transport, Selay. So, upon design request, and to keep the missions separate, we're changing Transport Delegation's location to Selay (and adding it to the Sector 500 region).

These changes are all effective immediately (except for ongoing online tournaments). Errata is scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

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