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The Search for a new 2E Director

by Scott Baughman, Director of Communications

15th August 2020

Greetings! As most of you are aware if you play Second Edition - and perhaps even if you don't - the department of Second Edition is in need of a new Director. If you're reading this and thinking to yourself, "Hey, it wasn't that long ago that a search committee was formed and did just this very thing, right?" then congratulations on your excellent memory skills. You're absolutely correct, but in this crazy world right now, we find ourselves at the point of trying to fill this vacancy once more.

Previous search teams and processes led by Continuing Committee members were thorough and precise and involved many volunteers working long hours meticulously combing through applications and interviews. Several of those volunteers declined to participate in the process a second time. As such, the new search committee will be made up of 5 members instead of the previous 7.

Every effort has been made to reach out to our European and other international communities to secure viewpoints from around the wide world of Second Edition players. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, our search team does not include a European player at this time. Many great European players were asked to join the team, but had other commitments that prevented them from doing so.

However, as search team leader, I have been discussing criteria and concerns with several members of the European play community so that the opinions of that continent are not left out of the decision making process.

Here are the five members of our search team:

Interested parties are encouraged to message me here on the boards and the search team will be eager to interview you for the position. The team and I are confident we can find the person who will lead 2E forward for a long and prosperous future.

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