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No Recent Decks #1: Parting Shot

by Nathan Miracle, Staff Writer

6th August 2020

Welcome to No Recent Decks! In this series, I will take a look at a card which has not been used in any recent decks. For the purposes of this series, no recent decks means you would see a “[None]” under “Recent decks using this card (since a certain date).” Each time we will examine why the card does not see a lot of play, what a deck would need to make use of the card, and take a stab at making such a deck. Today we delve all the way back to Call to Arms to take a look at Parting Shot.

Why does this card not see a lot of play?
Parting Shot Second Edition has several interrupts which allow you to kill an opponent’s personnel under various conditions, and pretty much none of them see play. Right off the bat it seems using an interrupt to kill one personnel generally does not give enough benefit to justify a slot in a deck. Parting Shot faces a particular challenge. This card only works when your opponent’s personnel uses a skill while facing your dilemma. Usually that means either the personnel was already going to have something bad happen to them, or the dilemma will not do anything at all.

How can we play to Parting Shot’s strengths?
While Parting Shot will not kill many of the opponent’s personnel, we can use it to target personnel with specific skills. If we can eliminate a specific skill, we can follow up with more powerful dilemmas. In this case, I will focus on two dilemmas which stop all your opponent’s personnel and return to your dilemma pile, specifically Telepathic Deception and Dangerous Liaisons. I also want to score some bonus points so I can pay for the interrupt, and get a few more targeted kills to clear out the appropriate skills. To that end, I have selected Romulans for their assassins and point generation via Prejudice and Politics and Getting Under Your Skin.

In order to make my opponent fail Telepathic Deception or Dangerous Liaisons, I need to eliminate some personnel before these dilemmas show up. Many of the other dilemmas in this dilemma pile allow me to choose personnel to kill. I have included two dilemmas with the goal of using Parting Shot. Night Terrors will allow Parting Shot to kill either a Medical personnel (who likely has Biology and/or Exobiology for Telepathic Deception) or a Science personnel (which helps with Dangerous Liaisons). Likewise, if my opponent meets the requirements on Telepathic Invasion, I can either kill a Telepathy personnel or a Treachery personnel. Better yet, if my opponent fails this dilemma I can look at their hand and remove key personnel before they hit the table. I rarely use Lack of Preparation, but with Parting Shot it can help with a last-ditch effort to take out a mission skill.

Telepathic Invasion The deck below also uses Vakis to send assassins after your opponent. With all the targeted kills, you can hold off your opponent for quite some time. You will need that time, as this deck does a better job of frustrating your opponent’s mission attempts than it does of completing its own.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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35V18•Romulus, Patient Stronghold
1S183•Khitomer Investigation
35V17•Nelvana III, Compelling Threat
21V14•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
36V17•Deep Space Station K-7, Monitor Federation Commerce

Draw Deck (50)
22V121x •Alvera Tree Ritual
49V131x •Code of the Ushaan
4R512x Far-Seeing Eyes
4U552x •Getting Under Your Skin
22V141x •Klingon Tea Ceremony
35V63x Miracle Working
15V131x •Operation Retrieve
10R312x •Parallel Course
4U671x Power Shift
1U1062x •Prejudice and Politics
8R381x •Reman Subterfuge
1U1101x •Romulan Intelligence Network
0VP151x Unexpected Difficulties
3R753x Parting Shot
1S3561x •Cretak, Supporter of the Alliance
44V121x •Enabran Tain, Prideful Director
27V171x •Geordi La Forge, Sleeper Agent
1U3591x •Hiren, Romulan Praetor
49V511x •Letant, Sneering Liaison
4C1702x Mareth
16V431x •Neral, Seasoned Politician
35V362x Rasul
35V371x •Retaya, Chemical Agent
19V131x •Romulan Impersonator, "Geordi La Forge"
1R3671x •Sela, Mysterious Operative
4C1741x •Selok, Deep Cover Operative
39V161x •Shinzon, Devious Tactician
15V423x Sorus
1R3721x •Tal'Aura, Impatient Senator
26V522x •Vakis, Misinformed Operative
38V441x •Vreenak, Scornful Senator
1U4101x •Deranas
7R1201x •Devoras
44V181x •Serrola, Tip of the Spear
35V451x •T'Met, Timely Reinforcement
2R1791x •Terix
2R1801x •Trolarak
Dilemma Pile (26)
1C212x Dangerous Liaisons
40V52x Harried and Harassed
17V62x He Wasn't Nice
4C191x Lack of Preparation
0VP772x Secret Identity
2C242x Telepathic Deception
8U173x Telepathic Invasion
0VP1643x The Weak Will Perish
2C252x Timescape
35V43x Unsound Logic
10C122x Necessary Execution
14U92x Night Terrors

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