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Premium Website: The Good News, and the Bad News

by Chris Lobban, Chief Programmer

1st January 2009

First, the bad news. Because of the holidays, and a last-minute change of plans on how to implement that store system (I added a shopping cart feature, which tossed out a lot of my completed code), I haven't yet gotten the store online. That also means that you won't yet be able to purchase your premium memberships either.

Now, the good news. To make it up to you, and hold you over for the extra week before you can purchase your own Premium Membership, I've just given a free week of membership to every user who has made a post on our forums within the last month. For anybody that was already part of our donor-preview program in December, this is a free extension to hold you over until you can properly renew your memberships. For anybody that missed out on that, this is a free trial of the new features, to see what you think before you purchase a membership yourself. Either way, enjoy! And I'll be back to tell you all about the store next week after my vacation.

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