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Ask Me Who I Was in Life!

by Ross Fertel, Writer ... From the Future!

26th August 2020

Today’s card doesn’t seem like much at first glance.  Three skills aren’t exactly something to celebrate on a personnel, but looking deeper, you can find more to like about Jane Taylor.  She died at the critical battle at Azati Prime, but her card is very valuable.


Jane TaylorFor one, there’s that ability.  You’ve seen the Harbinger cards before.  Specifically, Lucas walked you through the intricacies of Divisive Patron early last week and Richard showed off Forewarned in when spoilers began.  There is another Harbinger card that has an effect on dilemmas but finding that card requires you to have done some internet sleuthing. 


If you don’t want your opponent to get those points or fool around with the delicate balance of dilemmas, you can get rid of them.  The price is simply a low-cost personnel.  Granted you do have a narrow window with which to use her order since the Harbinger Dilemma will only be out for one of your turns, but you have a means of getting rid of an obstacle in your path.  Additionally, she is not unique, so you have play as many copies of her as you want (presuming you don’t want more than three) whenever and use her ability as the situation dictates.  Let’s face it, a lot of players will be testing out Harbinger Dilemmas as All Our Yesterdays is legal next Friday and it’s nice to have a way to deal with them in your arsenal.


Unfortunately, fads fade.  Harbinger Dilemmas won’t rule the meta forever, but a deeper look at Jane Taylor shows that she is more than her ability.  Those attributes are nice.  You have six cunning and strength which won’t get her any awards but won’t make her a liability when picking a team to attempt a mission.  Her skills will help shore things up but are found on Jupiter, Test Experimental Engine.  She isn’t a Dissident, so she can’t show up with Terra Prime, but Jupiter has life outside of that deck.


Jane Taylor met her fate protecting the future of Starfleet during a time of great need.  Her sacrifice in honored with a solid personnel whose ability can come in handy.  From the introductory article, she was always meant to address the threat of the Xindi, but as that scope expanded, she remains a powerful voice in preparation for the future.  She is a welcome addition to your deck.  We hope you have fun finding some nifty uses with a solid utility personnel who has some staying power.

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