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Cardassia Online Regionals

by Michael Shea, Ambassador

19th August 2020

Greetings friends and fellow players!

For Cardassia!

In these strange and often lonely times, it can be a welcome diversion to meet up with our fellow TrekCC enthusiasts and share a game or two. So, on behalf of the Atlanta player community of the Cardassia Region, I'd like to invite you all to participate in our 2020 2e Regional, which will be held online this year. The format will be Standard Constructed Hall of Fame.

This event will be a multi-week event, with pairings announced here each Friday. Players will then have from Saturday to the following Friday to play and report their games for that round. I would ask that each game for each round be completed and reported here no later than 9:00pm EST on any given Friday, so that I may announce each round's pairings by that Friday evening. Once pairings are announced, players should get in touch with one another to agree upon a date and time for their game, as well as the means by which they will communicate during game.

I also welcome you all to discuss the event, ask questions, chat with another, or even engage in a little good-natured trash-talking in the same forum thread used for announcing pairings and reporting results. Or, you may feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

Deck lists will be required for this event. You may email them to me as .txt files (the same kind used in Lackey) at mdshea2@gmail.com after your first game is concluded. Please be sure to include your real name and forum handle in the message when you attach your deck list. Right now, I am also registered to play in the event. But, I will drop if we have an odd number of players. Obviously, if I do play in the event I will not look at the deck lists until after the event. Also, as this event is a multi-week event, players may not alter their decks between rounds.

Atlanta has a history of holding well-attended Regional, Masters, National, and Continental events. We hope this year will be no different. Even though online play is new to most of my local players, several of them felt that this year it would be better to hold our Regional online and are looking forward to exploring the world of online play. If you've ever been a guest at one our Local, Regional, Masters, National, or Continental events, I encourage you to consider playing with us virtually this year. And, even if you've never had the opportunity to visit our city and get to know our play group, we invite you to play. However, please understand that as this is our Regional event, local Atlanta players and those out-of-towners with a history of traveling to our Regional events will be given first priority for Regional prize support. That ebing said, I'll do my best to have some goodies on-hand for all registered players.

If you need help downloading or using Lackey, please consult the online Lackey forum thread. Or, you can ask questions in the discussion thread for the event. I and the Atlanta play group look forward to playing you soon!

For For All Our Sons

Event Details:

Cardassia Online Regional Event 2020

Register here.

View and report each week's pairings here.

Each week's pairings will be announced between 9:00pm EST and 11:00pm EST on each Friday, beginning August 21.

Each round begins the following Saturday, with the first round starting Saturday, August 22nd. Games for each round must be completed and reported no later than 9:00pm EST the following Friday, with the first round ending Friday, August 28th at 9:00pm EST.

All TrekCC 2e players are invited and welcome to participate! Experience a taste of the friendly playing atmosphere that the Atlanta play group has become known for.

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