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Shape the Future: Pick Your Promos!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

9th January 2009

As we start to chart-out the expansions for '09 and beyond (as well as the plans for organized play), being the mildly-OCD planner that I am, we're also laying out plans for additional alternate-image (AI) promo cards. We want your feedback on which cards you'd like to see made available (in AI form) as tournament prizes.

What we're looking for is a list of the cards (up to 25) that you most wish you had more copies of, or the cards you'd most like to see as an AI promo. They can be physical cards from any expansion or product, or AI versions of virtual cards. You can rate them using any criteria you wish.

Send your list of up to 25 cards in an email to top25@trekcc.org to participate. All you need to include is the list of cards in the order of your preference, from 1 to up to 25. You can include as many or as few cards as you'd like (as long as it's no more than 25.)

To encourage participation, we'll award a grand prize and three second-place prizes amongst those that send in a list of cards. The grand prize will be a complete set of all Series I AI promo cards (including At What Cost?, Hard Time, and Emergency Transport Unit) as well as the complete trilogy of Star Trek: Destiny novels. Each second prize will receive a complete set of all Series I AI promo cards.

Once we have everyone's list, we'll compile it all into a master list and use that to help select AI promo cards for future series. (Imagine a new series released alongside each virtual expansion.)

If you'd like to participate and be eligible for the prizes, please send your list to us at top25@trekcc.org on or before MIDNIGHT EST on FRIDAY, JANUARY 23RD, 2009.

If you have any questions, please discuss them on our FYI forums. We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for future promo cards.

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