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Return to Talos IV and Farpoint Point Standings

by Brian Sykes, Shameless Promoter

3rd September 2020

Greetings, fellow nerds!

I know it's been some kind of year, but do you remember back on New Year's Day when we announced the Return to Talos IV and Return to Farpoint series? There's been a lot that's happened since then, so I can forgive you if you don't, but I announced in that article that there would be prizes and a scoring system to determine who gets them.  As a reminder, here is a quick recap:

Each time someone participates in a RTT4 or RTFP event (tracked separately), the winner of each event gets 3 points, the 2nd place finisher gets 2 points, and the third place finisher gets 1 point.  Additionally players get 1 point for each series event they've participated in.  What does this mean? It means, in short, the more you play, the more points you get (e.g., 1 participation point for the first event played in, 2 points for the second event, 3 for the third, etc.).

Now that prizes have been announced, and are in production, it's time to provide some more details surrounding distribution.

Any player that accumulates 10 Points in a given series will receive a foil promo for that series.  That's it.  Simple.  In real world terms, that means you are guaranteed a prize if you participate in 4 series events, even if you never crack the top 3.  By the same token, even with placement points, you still need to participate in at least 3 events to qualify (Winning 2 events only gets you to 9 points).

I've gone ahead and applied the point system to all of the events to date.  Here are the current Return to Talos IV (1E series) standings:

Investigate Quarantine
Name Total Points Prize Eligible?
Austin Chandler 14 YES
Jason Robinette 14 YES
Stephen P 13 YES
Bruce Parrish 9 NO
Charlie Plaine 8 NO
Maggie Geppert 6 NO
Jon Carter 6 NO
Brian S 6 NO
Matthew P 4 NO
Brian Sykes 4 NO
Edwin Latrell 4 NO
Jason Tang 3 NO
James Heaney 2 NO
Joe Kallstrom 2 NO
Niall Matthew 1 NO
Oliver Thust 1 NO
Scott Baughman 1 NO
Jon Fry 1 NO
Kris Sonsteby 1 NO
Matthew McCalpin 1 NO
Jesse Kasten 0 NO
Mark Napier 0 NO
Giorgio Velasco 0 NO

To aid in readability, I've color-coded it.  As you can see, Austin, Jason, and Stephen P have already qualified for their Talos IV Promo foils and I've colored them in green accordingly.  The next set of players - those colored in yellow, will guarantee themselves a foil by participating in one more RTT4 event this year, while the third set - everyone colored in orange - CAN qualify with one more event, but they would need to get some placement points as well (or they can play in 2 more events and qualify regardless).  Everyone without at color - myself included - needs to participate in multiple events to get there.  You might also notice that there's some players listed with zero points.  As a reminder, in order to qualify for points from an event, you must participate in all of the rounds - byes are ok, but missed games are not.

And here are the current Return to Farpoint series standings:

Deneb IV, Encounter at Farpoint
Name Total Points Prize Eligible?
Maggie Geppert 21 YES
Markus Eberlein 13 YES
Brian Sykes 12 YES
Kris Sonsteby 9 NO
Oliver Thust 4 NO
Nathan W 4 NO
Michael Van Breemen 4 NO
Tjark Ott 3 NO
Sebastian Kirstein 2 NO
Iella 2 NO
Bruce Parrish 1 NO
Chris Morse 1 NO
Benjamin Liebich 1 NO
Massimilino Arione 1 NO
Jason Robinette 0 NO
Ted Reebel 0 NO

As you can see, Maggie Geppert, Markus Eberlein, and Myself have already qualified, and Maggie has a commanding lead thanks to being the ONLY person to participate in each RTFP event this year.  As I said, those participation points add up!  And as a textbook case of "you gotta get 3" is Kris Sonsteby, who has won both of the events he's played in, but is still one point short... I get the feeling we'll be seeing him in the arena again soon to square that up.  Meanwhile, despite only having 4 points, Oliver has participated in two events already this year and with a win in a third event, he will get himself over the line.  Everyone else needs to get in the game more!

And don't worry, there are chances to do so!

There are 4 remaining RTT4 events and 3 RTFP events this year, with the next ones starting this Friday (9/4/2020).  So if you like what you see and want to get in on this prize action, get yourself registered!

Until next time...

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