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No Recent Decks #2: Quark's Treasure

by Nathan Miracle, Staff Writer

5th September 2020

Welcome back to No Recent Decks, the series in which we take a look at cards which have not seen a lot of use recently. Today we review Quark’s Treasure, the ship Quark got from his cousin in the DS9 episode Little Green Men. This ship appeared in the 2006 expansion Captain’s Log.

Why does this card not see a lot of play?
Quark's Treasure Quark’s Treasure has a unique ability which allows you to take an additional turn. This ability comes with the downside that if you fail to win the game with your extra turn, you lose the game instead. Even when you have only one mission to go with lots of dilemmas beneath it, do you really want to risk the whole game on whether or not your opponent is holding Uninvited? The risk of losing the game means you only want to trigger this ability if you know your opponent would win on their next turn. You cannot build around such an ability, which is why today’s deck will focus on the other outstanding quality - it has a corresponding commander.

How can we play to Quark’s Treasure’s strengths?
Alongside Quark’s Treasure, Captain’s Log introduced its commander, Quark (Little Green Man). Ferengi also have access to two other Na’Far Class ships with corresponding commanders, Audit’s Spoils and Aurulent. While they do not have quite the same discipline as Federation captains, these ships and their commanders can still make use of some of the same cards. In today’s deck, we will take advantage of Deploy the Fleet and Mission Accomplished to win with an easy set of missions.

Little Green Quark Ideally this deck can win with 10 points from Mission Accomplished. You can score these points while attempting missions normally, and a single copy played early enough will suffice. At Falsify Distress Signal you will need to make sure your commander stays unstopped, so this deck includes Ferengi Computer.for protection. At planet missions you can keep your commander out of the fray, aboard the staffed ship in orbit.

Deploy the Fleet takes a bit more set-up, since you have to send your ships to your opponent’s missions. On the other hand, you can score up to 20 points at a time, since this deck has four ships with corresponding commanders. If you If you can set up this card, you might actually consider using Quark’s Treasure to take an extra turn and finish out the game. Just be careful to have a back-up plan if your opponent can prevent the event!

As much as I would like to rely on Quark and his ship to score the points to round up to 100, I also like having back-up plans. In case your commanders do not come together with their ships, this deck includes two point-scoring dilemmas. Soul Searching and Forewarned. The majority of the dilemma pile focuses on Chula dilemmas, since Falow fits right in and can set up the dilemma you want.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

7U48•Ferenginar, Financial Hub
1U164•Deneb IV, Encounter at Farpoint
1U192•Qualor II Rendezvous
21V14•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
23V28•Falsify Distress Signal

Draw Deck (47)
0VP82x Emergency Transport Unit
7U162x Ferengi Computer
25V61x •1962 Roger Maris
24V132x Christening
0VP652x Deploy the Fleet
1R902x How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
4U612x Mission Accomplished
26V122x Rule of Acquisition #194
25V162x Tacking Into the Wind
25V173x Tulaberry Wine
46V232x Broik
7R741x •Brunt, FCA Liquidator
26V381x •Gint, Avaricious Author
7R771x •Ishka, Moogie
35V312x Kayron
32V141x •Neelix, Grand Proxy
13U871x •Nog, Bar Owner
10R861x •Quark, Little Green Man
26V391x •Stol, Wealthy Cousin
10U881x •Tog, Lecherous DaiMon
7R941x •Zek, The Grand Nagus
48V151x •Cyrano Jones, Troublesome Peddler
51V172x D'Jamat
32V151x •Falow, Gamemaster
7R1021x •Kivas Fajo, Collector
50V141x •Kurros, Brilliant Tactician
34V411x •Penk, Unscrupulous Promoter
43V251x •Sfreett, Deadly Flower
51V201x •Thelev, "Andorian" Terrorist
27V161x •Zorn, Prevaricating Groppler
7U1151x •Audit's Spoils
7R1161x •Aurulent
10R1151x •Quark's Treasure, Sabotaged Shuttle
10U1181x •Jovis, Museum
Dilemma Pile (28)
51V11x Anachronistic Meddlers
1C151x Chula: Echoes
8U61x Chula: Move Along Home
1C163x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
0VP1763x Chula: The Chandra
13R42x Chula: The Dice
30V23x Chula: The Game
19V11x Chula: The Precipice
30V31x Chula: Trickery
16V51x Chula: Unfortunate Roll
51V32x Forewarned
6P63x Hard Time
0AP112x Stripped Down
0VP632x Timescape
29V82x Soul Searching

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