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Promo-a-Week: Liberation

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

14th September 2020

Liberation (Virtual Promo)

In recent years, the Museum of Kyrian Heritage has become a fantastic way for Delta Quadrant decks to start with a ship on the first turn. But prior to Metamorphosis, Liberation was the gold standard for [DQ] decks. By seeding the Ocampa's planet along with Caretaker's Array, you got access to a seeded ship and a great mission to go along with it. That made it a great choice for the Promo-a-Week project, and thus we're happy to show you the new, alternate image version of Liberation.

Aside from being key to a Caretaker's Array deck, it's a stellar mission overall. You just need SECURITY and then either Transporter Skill or Neelix to solve for 30 points, and while that might not be a lot in the Delta Quadrant, it's great points for the requirements. And since it's 30 points, it works nicely with Homestead to let you ignore You Are a Monument (and the associated OTF rule). And while two (2) free personnel might not be much, you can add in Kes or Tanis to your deck, as they'll report for free here.

And don't forget the value of those affiliation icons. [FED] means you've got easy access to attempting if you're playing with a U.S.S. Voyager-based deck, so you can get started very early attempting missions. Since it has a [KAZ] icon, if you're playing Kazon, you can seed your Kazon Outpost here, so you have a place for to hide from other DQ marauders. And you can seed your Nekrit Supply Depot here too if you happen to get a favorable spaceline. With the [NON] attempting icon too, this mission is open to virtually every [DQ] affiliation.

All-in-all, there's a lot of options for this classic mission. Maybe with a new, high resolution virtual reprint, Liberation will see itself getting played in more decks.

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