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What's the Name of the Next 2E Expansion?

by Charlie Plaine, Interim Director of Second Edition

18th September 2020

Hopefully, if you're a Second Edition fan, you're still looking over and playing with the cards from All Our Yesterdays. But there's a lot more cool content for Second Edition coming before the end of the year, including Project Clark. This expansion, the second in the Interaction Cycle, is focused on [DS9] and [Dom] (much like All Our Yesterdays was focused on the Original Series). It'll be twenty-seven (27) new cards, and you'll be hearing more about it fairly soon.

But I thought it would be fun to dust off my puzzle crafter's hat and give you the opportunity to find out the expansion's name before it's officially announced at the next Board Meeting. I may also have been avoiding some boring filing at my day job, but that's neither here nor there. You can download this word puzzle and if you solve it, you'll know the name of Project Clark.

To solve it, you'll need to figure out which words go in the boxes. To help, there are clues on the second page - though the clues aren't in order, and don't tell you which words go where. But you should be able to find the answers to all of the clues by spending time with the 2E Card Search. Once you've figured out - and properly arranged - the answers, the letters in the yellow boxes will spell out the title.

Project Clark Puzzle

Good luck figuring this out, and I hope you have fun. Feel free to discuss the puzzle in this article's thread, but please: no spoilers! Keep all clue solutions and the answer in hidden text blocks until everyone's had a chance to solve the puzzle, or the next Board Meeting makes the name public!

Discuss this article in this thread.

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