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Promo-a-Week - Sleeper Trap

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

21st September 2020

Sleeper Trap

Sleeper Trap. This dilemma is the epitome of Cardassian deck flavor. What other card is as iconic from both a TV Show standpoint and a pretty mainstay dilemma? It fits the Cardassian affiliation really well. Is there anything you can't combine with this card to do cool things with? Not only can you download various hand weapons (Such as Cardassian Disruptor Rifle, El-Aurian Phaser, Viidian Harvester, Flintlock Rifle) but you get three universal Cardassians. And don't forget to use Lower Decks to boost up their attributes even more. Too bad other battle orientated affiliations, like the Klingons, don't have such a card too right?

So I'm here to show all of you the new alternate art for this wonderful card. Plus, I want to share some combinations of cards that can help boost up your deck using Sleeper Trap. Remember players, you don't 'need' to be a Cardassian player to use Sleeper Trap. Keep those Cardassians in the Q's Tent to wreak havoc while you play another affiliation entirely.

The Art of Diplomacy + Sleeper Trap + Sniper

Sleeper Trap + Captured + Brainwash/Interrogation/Torture

Cardassian Trap + Sleeper Trap + Captured

Edo Probe + Sleeper Trap + Enemies of the State + Post Garrison

Sleeper Trap + All Available Personnel

All Available Personnel + Attack of the Drones + Sleeper Trap

Treaty: Federation/Cardassian + Sleeper Trap + Diplomatic Intervention

Sleeper Trap + Sniper + Medical Crisis

Editor's Note: The promo-a-week spoilers will return on Monday, October 19th.

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