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Tjark Ott is the new Second Edition Director

by Scott Baughman, Director of Communications

29th September 2020

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce that long-time German volunteer - and larger than life Star Trek fan - Tjark Ott has been named as the new Second Edition director for the game. Ott has served as a volunteer in the organization for more than a decade and even has volunteer roots reaching back to the days when the games were produced by Decipher. 

His previous experience with the game's community include tournament organizer, community organizer, serving on the errata team for 2E, working as interim 2E Director and many other projects too numerous to list. 

As the leader of the search team for this very important position, I would be remiss if I did not thank the other volunteers that helped in the candidate interviews and the overall search. Thanks to Amber Van Breeman, Ben Rostoker, Phil Schrader and Michael Shea for their help on the search team. And thank you to all the other applicants for the position for expressing their vision and passion for Second Edition: Sandy Barnabas, Julius Melhardt and Nate Wineinger for their interest in the position and love of the game.

Ignoring the recent contentiousness in our community would be naive of me - so I will close with this. Players love Star Trek CCG Second Edition all over the world. Here's to a bright future where we can experience healing, recovery and growth for the game and the community for many years to come. For now, thank you for agreeing to serve Tjark, and may your administration of Second Edition Live Long and Prosper. 

Blue Skies...smiling at me...


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