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Make My Deck Better; Megaborg

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

2nd October 2020

Northwest Passage, Resist Extradimensional Invasion

I’ve had my eye on Borg megateaming and big missions since Lower Decks came out but haven’t been able to make it work to my advantage yet. I thought Particle 010 from Zero Hour was the big answer to how can I do it, but I still couldn’t get the deck to work to my satisfaction. This failure was in my opinion mostly because the Borg only had access to two missions that were worth 50 points. The addition of Northwest Passage, Resist Extradimensional Invasion to the game allows the Borg to take full advantage of Particle 010. All Persistent dilemmas, except Spot, are free all the time. As I have been playing this deck, I basically ignore Alpha 5 Approach and Destroy Transwarp Hub and concentrate on completing Northwest Passage and Harness Omega Particle.

For dilemmas, I chose to go with a standard attrition pile, with a selection of good Borg dilemmas like Back to Basics and Tactical Disadvantage.  The best Persistent dilemmas fill in the slots for Space and Planet. As expected, Neurogenic Field and Night Terrors have been useful ( I love the Do or Die dilemmas), but Staffing Shortage has been a pleasant surprise in my test games. I’ve had people tell me to ditch the Persistent theme, but Strength in Numbers has worked well to slow my opponents down. I need it because it is still difficult to do a two-mission win with two 50-point missions.  I often find myself getting bogged down by missing skills while attributes are usually less of a problem, thanks to U.S.S. Enterprise-J, Three of Twelve, Opposition Drone and Computation Drone.

The deck itself requires some practice to play, and I’m getting a better feel for it. The Borg rely on downloads, so I’m still working on which pieces go together. Third and Fourth are good starts to a download chain. Their skills are great for Northwest Passage as well.  I don’t really have enough 4-cost cards to take advantage of Six of Ten, Invalidation Drone’s download ability.  In terms of deck support, I'm really digging Overrun, but I never seem to have the right Interrupt in hand for whatever dilemma situation I run into. This has definitely been a problem, where I have wanted Adapt, but had Neural Transceiver in hand or vice versa.

Now, I’m still a little worried about this deck. It doesn’t feel tight right now. This is where I need your advice, my friends.  What should I do to this deck to make it better? I can usually get one mission done but get outsped by my opponent. I feel like it needs to either be bigger or smaller, but I can’t decide which. Should I add in more copies of Third and Fourth to start download chains?  Should I ditch the Persistent stuff? Or do I need to just be less squeamish about milling through my deck with Interlinks and embrace Quintessence? Please, help me Make My Deck Better.

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Tournament Record:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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3S110•Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
3U93•Harness Omega Particle
21V14•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
3U87•Destroy Transwarp Hub
50V6•Northwest Passage, Resist Extradimensional Invasion

Draw Deck (72)
0VP2972x Borg Nanoprobes
35V62x Miracle Working
34V102x Overrun
40V161x •Particle 010
6P281x •Quintessence
31V201x •Strength in Numbers
14R432x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
13R391x Unimatrix Zero
5P182x Unyielding
3U691x Adapt
3S701x Analyze
7R361x Ascertain
12U382x Neural Transceiver
45V73x Reprimand
3C1181x Acclimation Drone
6P421x Annexation Drone
3R1232x •Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
3C1262x Computation Drone
38V201x Connectivity Drone
14R671x •Data, Tempted by Flesh
34V261x •Eleven of Eighteen, Augmentation Drone
3C1283x Evaluation Drone
4U1131x Facilitation Drone
8R651x •First, Unstable
4U1141x •Five of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942
12R451x •Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone
8U661x •Fourth, Neonatal Drone
48V101x •Hawk, Reborn
3C1311x Invasive Drone
34V272x Isotope Drone
3R1322x •Locutus, Voice of the Borg
30V392x Logistics Drone
3C1342x Opposition Drone
3C1351x Preservation Drone
34V282x Quantum Drone
4U1151x Reconnaissance Drone
6P432x Requisitions Drone
3C1372x Research Drone
3S1391x •Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
13U511x •Six of Ten, Invalidation Drone
8R671x •Third, Neonatal Drone
12R471x •Three of Nine, Tactician Drone
15V291x •Three of Twelve, Specialty Drone
12R481x •Two of Nine, Transtator Drone
3C1983x Borg Cube
14R1112x •Borg Queen's Vessel, Borg Flagship
0VP182x •Queen's Borg Sphere, Contingency Vessel
Dilemma Pile (35)
29V11x Adopted Authority
10R21x An Issue of Trust
4C61x Back Room Dealings
14R11x Back to Basics
41V21x Dereliction of Duty
12C81x Gorgan
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
6P61x Hard Time
37V31x In Development
24V61x Insurrection
26V41x Intimidation
14U61x Juxtaposition
14C71x Moral Choice
47V31x Nothing to Lose
22V81x Pitching In
3U261x Secret Identity
31V111x The Weak Will Perish
2C251x Timescape
10C121x Necessary Execution
14U82x Neurogenic Field
21V62x Pillage and Plunder
14R181x The Phage
15V91x We'll Never Know
8R201x Zero Hour
15V11x Breaking the Ice
14U92x Night Terrors
24V81x Rude Awakening
0VP2961x Spot
29V91x Staffing Shortage
8R161x Tactical Disadvantage
21V92x The First Duty

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